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‘The Flash’ recap: 4×18 “Lose Yourself”

The Flash episode “Lose Yourself” aired on 17 April, 2018.

Lose Yourself? More like lose your mind. First of all, this episode is intense. Secondly, WTF??! Iris and Caitlin both got stabbed and yet no one seemed too concerned? Harry lashed out at Cisco and never apologised? Arrrgh!

Also, I am disappointed The Flash did not make use of some of it’s more intriguing plot devices – namely Melting Pot and Cecile. Apparently, Melting Pot aka Matthew Kim, the man who can transfer people’s powers to others, agreed to help stop DeVoe…by hiding out in the pipeline. And are we ever going to make better use of Cecile’s temporary ability to read minds??

To kill or not to kill

Good news: The Flash finally had a good, compelling episode for Ralph. Bad news (or maybe better news to some): there’s no more Ralph Dibny. The Thinker took over his body – and all the apprehended bus metas’ – by the end of the hour.

From the top, Ralph brings up the possible need to kill DeVoe. On cue, Harry unveils his sonic sceptre – built on Izzy’s sonic frequencies – that can knock out DeVoe. Just two blows would kill DeVoe. Barry, righteous as always, spends the rest of the episode insisting as heroes, they don’t need to resort to that. Along the way, they track down The Folded Man, or Edwin Gauss, a spiritual hippie guy and the last bus metahuman. He can create pocket dimensions.

the flash ralph dibny
image: the CW

Ralph finds out that Gauss once unknowingly entered DeVoe’s pocket dimension. He wants Gauss to bring him there, but Barry intercepts them and knocks Ralph out. Finally, Ralph confesses that he doesn’t care what killing DeVoe makes him. He’d rather vilify himself than let DeVoe harm Team Flash, the only people who have shown him sympathy.


Ralph might have been reckless but his idea had substance. The team decide The Flash, Vibe and Killer Frost will travel to DeVoe’s pocket dimension to apprehend him. However, Clifford and Marlize use their jumping into the pocket dimension to jump out of it and into Star Labs undetected. Ralph – in a surprisingly smart move – immediately heads to the pipeline to prevent DeVoe from reaching the metas, but Izzy-Clifford sends the museum T-rex after him.

While Ralph evades the T-rex, Joe takes on the samuroid and Iris goes hand to hand with Marlize. Mrs DeVoe is guarding her husband’s Thinker chair because sending the chair back into the pocket dimension is the only way to get Barry, Cisco and Caitlin out (or something like that). Marlize eventually gets Iris at swordpoint, but Iris finds herself close enough to the chair. She grabs the katana and runs herself through so she can pull Marlize onto the chair and send it back into Thinkerspace. Holy sh*t!!!

We don’t see much of Joe fighting the samuroid, but he eventually returns with its head on its own sword. Damn Joe. Like father like daughter. Barry married into the most badass family ever.

the flash joe west
image: the CW

Meanwhile, Ralph manages to pummel the T-rex. But he is too late, DeVoe managed to take all the other bus metas’ powers. Ralph is the last one left, but he has an ace up his sleeve – the sonic sceptre! He whips it out and deals the first blow. Now is the chance! Be that messy b*tch, Ralph! Kill him!

Ralph instead does the ‘Barry’ thing and chooses not the kill DeVoe. However, he didn’t put the metahuman cuffs onto DeVoe properly, so the man escapes and grabs Ralph’s head. Barry, Cisco and Caitlin are all incapacitated. Barry pleads with Ralph to fight, but Ralph tells Barry he has already saved him before succumbing to the power sap.

Darkness and enlightenment

In the aftermath, a traumatised Barry retrieves Ralph’s belongings from his office. He refuses to talk to anyone, not even Iris. Caitlin mourns the lost of her alter ego, whom she was just starting to develop a relationship with, after inadvertently coming into contact with DeVoe – now equipped with Melting Pot’s power.

Clifford uses Ralph’s morphism to re-attain his original appearance, much to Marlize’s delight. I kinda wish we got to see Hartley Sawyer play a villain for a while longer – he seemed to enjoy doing it. Also, Ralph’s body is for some reason immune to the dark matter deterioration. Perhaps because of the rubbery-ness? Clifford has stolen dark matter from Harry’s charged up Intelligence Booster to power “the enlightenment”, which seems to involve some kind of bomb (!).

Wait! Didn’t Harry promise not to use dark matter to power the cap? Yeah, well he went back on it and had Gideon charge it up. There was a short side plot about him becoming addicted to the cap (and the boost it gave him). Joe recognised the signs, having seen it in Francine, and confronted Harry about it. It wasn’t really resolved afterwards. Anyway, don’t do drugs, kids.

the flash harry wells
images: the CW


  • “I hate sequels.” – Ralph on the T-rex. Did I hear Jurassic Park music at the end of their chase scene?
  • “Mr and Mrs Star Labs…” The Flash has been lacking in WestAllen content since it came back from hiatus so I’ll take what I can get.
  • Can we just talk about this picture of Barry? The hair, the sweater…
the flash barry allen
image: the CW

What does the Thinker have in store? What’s next for Team Flash?

If you need more of The Flash, then head on over to the Flash Zone for all our articles and recaps!

(featured image: the CW)


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