‘Legion’ 2×03: What we learned and new questions we have

Legion 2×02, Season 2, Episode 3, “Chapter 11,” Aired April 17, 2018

Another week, another amazing episode of the best hour TV’s each week. Yeah, each episode is longer than an hour, but you get my point. This episode we definitely had a few WTF moments, but we also learned a few new things. As much as I don’t want this season of Legion to ever end, ten episodes might be the perfect amount. They don’t have a lot of time to get the story across, so it requires them to keep the plot moving each week, and this week was no different. Here are my questions from this week’s episode and a few (of the many) questions I’m still curious about.

What we learned:

#1 The Death of a King. A really cool, yet somewhat subtle scene was right at the beginning of the episode, the death of Farouk at the hands (or mind) of Professor X. We have seen these battles of the minds a few times in the show before, but this one was interesting. Farouk was really just sitting there, while his mind was off in the astral plane fighting it out. To make it even better, the scenes from that amazing chalkboard scene were flashing over his glasses as this was happening. That was an awesome nod to season 1. Sure, we already knew how Farouk met his end, but it was still pretty great to see it happen.

#2 It’s infectious. Last week it became clearer that Farouk was not the one causing the infection, but rather the Monk doing all the damage. This week, it is confirmed to be the case. First, he tells David to watch out for the infection of the Monk, but then we see him actually doing it just to further prove that point. The real question now is how much did Division 3 know? They didn’t seem too thrilled with the Monk’s takeover, so maybe they are just sort of lazy investigators of this teeth chattering nonsense.

#3 The mind of the teeth people.  We finally got our first look into the minds of the infected, and it was bizzare to say the least. It appears that the person infected is living in a sort of fantasy world that is allowing them to live thier deepest, core desire. We saw Ptonomy living in a garden unable to remember anything from one moment to the nest. We saw Melanie in total control of her world, in a text based video game style, and we even got a small glimpse at Syd’s world of cold. Yet, even though we got to see what was going on in those noggins, and that David could snap them out of it, it wasn’t all answers.

New questions we have

#1 What is happening in the maze? It was cool we got to see the inside of the maze, but what in the world is really happening in there? Why is the Monk doing this to them, and do they get to live out their core desire? WHY!!!!???? There must be a purpose to what is happening to these people, I just don’t know what it is. Let’s not even get started on the Minotaur, because that thing is all kinds of creepy and confusing.

#2 So many random things. There were so many moments in this episode that left me scratching my head. What happened to Cary when he just disappeared at the end, and did it have something to do with his other half being infected? Is the Monk gone after his fall from the building? Probably not, but his fate was left undecided. What exactly does Division 3 know about the infection? So many questions, so much confusion. I love it.

#3 MOOOOOO  The cow.  What?

Is it Tuesday yet?

This show just gets stronger and stronger every week, and the really crazy part is Lenny and Oliver have barely been in the show. Both were so good in season 1 that it really says something that they can have such minor roles and the show just continues to impress. I cannot wait until the next episode to be both excited and confused out of my mind again!

Legion airs on FX, Tuesdays at 10/9c.


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