‘Timeless’ is the must show to watch

I’ll admit, when I first started watching Timeless, I was surprised by how welcoming and positive the fanbase was. I mean, to raise a show from the dead is crazy powerful, which shows a huge dedication from the fans. I decided to watch it because so much of my Twitter timeline was all about it, and I was like I don’t know what they’re talking about, but I want to know. Thus, began my watching, and I was captivated.

History done in a unique, fun way

The cat’s out of the bag: history was one of my favorite subjects while in high school. So when I began watching the show, I was afraid that it would be too historical for me because it’s not the kind of TV genre I’m really into. However, I was so wrong. The show blends history and entertainment in such a flawless way that you can’t help but want to read into those historical events or people. This show not only entertains but it educates, which is something unique in the landscape of television. It’s so fun being thrown into a different decade or century with the characters. It’s even more fun to see the way in which the show utilizes said events or people from history without tampering it too much. History is an important aspect of our world, so to see Timeless bring that into fruition is something special.

The characters

The three central characters are so well-written! It’s hard not to sympathize with them because they’re so relatable, funny and inspiring. Not to mention, seeing Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus fangirl and fanboy over their historical faves is just simply amazing. Lucy is smart, witty and determined. She’s a character that is so important to the TV world; she’s an inspiration to young girls and women who want to make an impact, whether it be teaching or saving history. Rufus is that character that you just say “same” every time he opens his mouth. He’s funny and so dang relatable. Wyatt is a broken man, but one willing to be built up again by making an impact and risking his life for his friends and the sake of history. Even Flynn, the villain, is intriguing, but then again, the bad guys always intrigue me. All of them are really different, but they are so cohesive in the broad aspect of characterization. Also, Lyatttttttttt…..

The sets, clothing, props

Oh my gosh. I cannot get enough of the costumes on this show, especially Lucy’s. I love seeing all the costumes the three characters wear from different time periods. Like, I just want to wear every outfit Lucy wears, but I would definitley stick out too much in 1970s gard… Not to mention the settings and places we get to explore from the comforts of our own homes. Now, I know it’s a TV set, but the cinematography is so good that it almost feels like you’re in Lincoln’s Washington or any other time period and place they’ve visited. The manages to sweep you away.

The fans, cast, crew

I have never seen a fandom so welcoming and supportive. Ultimately, I think that’s what really drew me to begin watching the show. Also, the cast and crew are so interactive with the fans. You can just tell they love what they’re doing and that they are doing it for the fans. You all are such a fun and friendly crowd, and it’s how every fandom should be!

I am so glad I decided to invest in another TV show, and I am so glad it was this one. What do you love must about Timeless? Sound off below or tweet me!

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