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‘Supernatural’ 13×18: Is Lucifer the answer to everyone’s problems?

Supernatural 13×18 discussion: Season 13, Episode 18, “Bring ’em Back Alive,” Aired Thursday, April 12, 2018

(Spoilers for Supernatural 13×18)

The Winchesters are no strangers to a bit of bad luck, but they have always kept up their hopes – until now. Mary and Jack are trapped in the Apocalypse world and this season the boys have been busy gathering the items needed to open a tear in the worlds. Thanks to Gabriel’s grace, they FINALLY had everything they needed to open the rift and get their peeps back.


The Lose-chesters

Getting them back proved to be a harder task than they anticipated and Dean was wounded and unsuccessful. At the insistence of Apocalypse Charlie and Ketch, Dean decided to head home to regroup and he agreed. He had all of the ingredients for reentry so that wouldn’t be a problem, right? WRONG!

While Dean was away, Cas and Sam were busy trying to rehabilitate a very broken Gabriel. Cas and Sam gave Gabriel his grace to heal him. We have to think that this was because Cas and Sam have such faith in Dean’s ability to save people, otherwise they wouldn’t risk using up the grace. They also didn’t anticipate that Gabriel would ditch them, although is track record during conflict should have tipped them off that he’d do just that.

When Dean returned to the bunker and realized what happened, he finally lost it. They had gotten so close to saving their Mom and Jack just to have it ripped away again and he couldn’t take it anymore. They need the grace of an Archangel and now they had none. Dean’s feelings of hopelessness are heartbreaking, but his disappointment is completely understandable.

Heavenly Lucifer

Speaking of disappointment, let’s jump over to Lucifer. He has finally taken Heaven and is ready to be worshiped, but ruling isn’t all he thought it would be. His fam has completely ruined his name with humanity and the Angels aren’t too pleased with him either. He has let down the Angels, he can’t get humanity to give him a chance and now he has driven Jo away. Lucifer is an Archangel with no purpose, he can’t find his son and ruling Heaven is a great, big let down.

Time to join forces!

It all feels a little bleak, but after the events of Supernatural 13×18, we feel like Lucifer and the Winchesters should team up! Lucifer is bored and the Winchesters need Archangel grace. This team up is something they (the Winchesters) have likely avoided/not considered because they don’t want Lucifer to take Jack, but we have a better plan for Lucifer!

The Winchesters aren’t in a pickle just because of their lack of grace, when they do get through the rift again, they also have to face Michael who is hell-bent on crossing into the real world to take over. This is where Lucifer can really step in and step up. Lucifer of days past would never agree to any of this. He would just stroll back to Hell and rule there (and he still might now that the throne is vacant), but the current Lucifer has grown and yearns for more.

He isn’t good, but their is no denying that Lucifer has changed for the better. That’s the reason he got so angry with Jo in this episode. He wants to worshiped but, as Jo said, he hasn’t done anything worth caring about and his reputation has been ruined on this earth. But do you know where he might have a chance at redemption? Apocalypse world! He can open the rift (which benefits the Winchesters) and Lucifer can have the prize fight he has always been destined to have! But this time, there isn’t much of a world to destroy and if he wins, he will get the love and adoration he has always craved. It’s a win-win(chester).

If this does happen, it’s not clear what would happen with Jack, but that’s another drama for another day. What do you think? Can the Winchesters and Lucifer help each other?

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