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‘The Flash’ recap: 4×17 “Null and Annoyed”

The Flash episode “Null and Annoyed” aired 9 April, 2018.

We’re back! The Flash is back! Honestly though, I found this episode rather weak. Once again the B-plot was irrelevant to the plot, though it had Breacher and KillerVibe so I can’t complain too much. The main storyline was not very engaging either. Still, there were bits of heartwarming moments, and two intense revelations as well.

Her Highness

Of the two remaining bus metas, one has disappeared off the grid and the second escaped from Iron Heights to become a daredevil social media personality. The latter has used many aliases, but goes by the online handle Null, and that’s what they decide to call her. She also has a thing for gems. We see her steal a stone-studded crown using her powers – she can make things float.

Barry is getting increasingly annoyed with Ralph as the elongated knight jokes around too much and never follows Barry’s plans. Harry uses his intelligence booster to locate Null at Ralph’s “friend” Earl’s apartment. Apparently Earl is some jewellery prospector or something and Null went to him to have some gems graded. Ralph “fools around” by morphing into Joe and puts on a show by acting as if Joe is some scary fierce cop. He spends too much time threatening Earl and lets Null float Barry to the ceiling. They actually tie a string around his ankle.

Fortunately, the effects of Null’s powers are temporary. Unfortunately, that could lead to bad falls. Barry benches Ralph for not taking things seriously and tries to catch Null again on his own. However, she floats a car into the air and gets away while the Flash saves the driver. The incident makes Harry frustrated, because his intelligence booster didn’t let him predict the falling car factor. Iris talks to a stressed out Barry and reminds him that he and Ralph deal with things differently.

Superhero improv

Barry apologises to Ralph, and Ralph recounts how he developed humour as a coping mechanism to push away fear. The two then go to stop Null from robbing everyone and everything at a Central City museum gala. Barry gets floated again – except this time there’s no ceiling to stop him! That leaves Ralph to improvise. Sounds terrible, but it doesn’t end that way. He manages to reach over and cuff Null with the power-dampening cuffs. Then he catches the falling Flash by inflating himself into a giant whoopee cushion.

The team celebrate the small victory back at Star Labs, except for Harry. He goes to the time vault and attaches some wires to the intelligence booster. And then, he activates Gideon. The AI still refers to him as ‘Dr Wells’, and we get a shot of the mysterious, enigmatic Harrison Wells expression of season 1.

Holy sh*t!!! What is Harrison Wells up to?! No matter what version we have, he is always up to something.

Vibes vs Vampire

Meanwhile, Breacher seeks Cisco’s help. His powers were apparently taken by a vampire. The story sounds too dramatic to be true, but okay. He promises to give Gypsy time off to visit Cisco if he gets his powers back. He also speaks of Cisco’s intelligence and doesn’t insult him! That’s good, right?

Sadly, Caitlin determines that Breacher has lost his powers simply due to aging. She encourages Cisco to tell Breacher the truth, but Cisco wants Breacher to think he is cured. He gives the man some tablets that temporarily give him enough energy to make vibe blasts again. However, this makes Breacher think he is ready to face the vampire overlord again.

Said vampire is actually real. Alright, which Legends of Tomorrow writer snuck into the Flash writers’ room?

Of course, his powers wear out again and Cisco has to breach him out. Cisco is forced to admit the truth, and Breacher predictably doesn’t take it well. At least he doesn’t throw a knife through Cisco’s skull, but he angrily declares that he hates poor little Vibe and leaves.

Later, Breacher returns – in T-shirts, bermudas and socks. After returning to his Earth, he saw his own reflection and realised how old he really was. So, he decided to retire and invites Cisco to replace him as a “collector” (illegal breaching police, basically. Inter-universe travel is illegal on E-19, remember?) That would allow him to spend time with Gypsy – working together! Sounds nice, but Cisco wouldn’t leave Team Flash…would he?

Get Marlize out of there!

In the Thinkerspace, Marlize awakes from her “rest”. Clifford – in violinist Izzy’s body – has been deteriorating in health because the more metahuman powers he absorbs, the more dark matter inhabits his body. Marlize offers to recalibrate the Thinker chair to extend the life of Izzy’s body, only to discover that there are already partially made plans. Clifford claims that he had a similar idea but couldn’t get far because he is not an engineer, Marlize is.

Later, Marlize finds a substance in her tea which the computer identifies as the Weeper’s tears. She realises her own husband has been drugging her and records a video beggin herself to remember that fact and escape when she can. When she tries to save the file, she finds the file name has already been taken – it’s not the first time she has recorded such a video!

Apparently, every time she discovers the truth, Clifford combines Dominic’s telepathic powers with the effect of the Weeper’s love serum tears to subdue Marlize and alter her memories. RUN, MARLIZE, RUN!


  • “An improv group full of superheroes. If we take it to Washington, we could be the DC comics.”
  • “Not everybody grows up with a superhero Dad like Joe West who makes it easy to talk about your feelings.”
  • “Sunlight doesn’t work on this type of vampire!”
  • “I’m not a Khaleesi!”
  • Episode director Kevin Smith cameo’d as one of the museum security guards.the flash kevin smith
      image: the CW

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