‘Legion’ 2×02: What we learned and new questions we have

Legion 2×02, Season 2, Episode 2, “Chapter 10,” Aired April 10, 2018

After an absolutely amazing premiere to season 2, it would be easy for episode 2 of Legion to be a bit of a let down. Of course Legion is not just any other show – it is the best thing on TV right now (and it isn’t even a close competition).  Season 2, Episode 2 delivered plenty and kept the fast (and downright crazy) pace going from last week. There is a lot to unpack in this week’s episode, so let’s get right to it.

What we learned:

Despite all the times I was left scratching my head and mouthing “WTF” during this week’s episode, I did think we learned a few interesting bits of information. We even got our first real look at a very important character, but we’ll get to that. So what did we learn?

#1 To the future! One of the most interesting scenes in the entire episode is when David concocts a dangerous, and insane plan to travel into the future to talk to Syd. He uses the excuse of wanting to see the Shadow King’s next move, but is anyone there really buying that? The answer is no, because the mustachioed women basically tell him to stop being a lying liar. It turns out to be a good plan because he learns a few important items.

First, he appears to be dead or worse in the future. Syd is noncommittal about his fate, but whatever happened to him is not good clearly. Second, he learns that Farouk is not really the problem in this future, in fact, he is already dead by David’s hand. There is something worse coming that basically ends the world. Could this be what is actually causing the infection and not Farouk? Most likely, yes.

#2 A slick big bad. This week we got our first extended look at the real Amahl Farouk and I got to say, I’m a fan. He was snarky, smart, and suave. He is everything you want out of a villain. His conversation with David was a high point of the episode, but things got real interesting once they had a battle of the minds. Not only did David hold his own, but I think we learned something about the premiere too. When Farouk and David were wrestling, the music in the background was the same as his epic dance club battle. Was that dance battle actually a mental battle between psychics?

#3 Poor Lenny. It turns out Lenny is sort of a prisoner of the Shadow King and would prefer to get a new body and take off. In season 1, I always assumed that that crazy persona was Farouk and Lenny was a mask, but that is not the case. He is much more calm and collected, while she is not quite right. This might also help explain the opening pool scene of the season. Oliver and Lenny’s consciousness trapped in the mind of Farouk, which is trapped in Oliver.

Questions we have:

#1 How will they fix Cary/Kerry? So we saw a reversal of their powers by Oliver on his little D3 romp, but how are they going to fix them? These two clearly aren’t right like this and probably need to get back ASAP before they go crazy.

#2 When are we going to get more David? I mean this literally, when are we going to get more sides of David. We heard a little more of the inner monologue the voices seem to be having, but I want to see more. What are their personalities like? What do they want? What are their powers? There is just so much to tap into that we haven’t even scratched the surface on.

#3 Why is the monk such a creep? If you subscribe to the theory that Shadow King isn’t the one causing the infection and teeth chattering, which I do, then someone or something else must be. Suspect number 1 is that strange monk. He has been around in the club (where a bunch of people got infected), and was in D3 with all the infected. Something isn’t right with him and the fact that we saw the chicken slime trail before Oliver ever got to D3 means someone else is doing it.

Better and Better

I keep saying this and will scream it from a mountain if I have to, but Legion is the best thing happening on TV right now. Every episode just continues to get better and better. The visuals, the use of music and the way this show plots its story are phenomenal.  Do we have it all figured out yet? Of course not, and honestly, I have never been more confused in my life, but in the best way possible. This week felt like it moved the plot forward, while still keeping you guessing about what comes next. Next week should only get better.

Legion airs on FX, Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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