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‘Krypton’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 1×04 “The World of Rao”

Krypton, Ep 1×04, “The World of Rao” aired on April 11, 2018

Welcome back, Kandorians. In ep 1×04, “The World of Rao,” Krypton’s masked leader decides that drastic measures must be taken to inspire the rankless to bow to his power. He and House Vex set into motion a plan that lands Lyta before the tribunal as a traitor. It turns out that the Sagitari soldier who killed the Rankless civilian in last week’s episode gave false testimony. She accused Lyta of helping Black Zero. Seg-El is desperate to help clear Lyta of all charges and he decides to reveal the truth about Brainiac and Rom’s actions. Before he can do anything he finds himself kidnapped by Black Zero or a group affiliated with them and this group appears to know everything about the danger approaching Krypton.

Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week’s all-new episode.  What did you think of this group that kidnapped Seg? How could they possibly know about Brainiac? Were you as freaked out as we were about their unique approach to interrogation? Do you think Nyssa can be trusted? This week they finally revealed House Vex’s gameplan. They want to overthrow the Voice of Rao and want Jayna to help them do it. Can they possibly expect her to help without assurances that they’ll help Lyta out of her latest predicament? Give us a listen and then be sure to drop a comment or in our Facebook group with your thoughts on Ep 1×04, “The World of Rao”. You can also email us at [email protected]


Brad & Cort Talk ‘Krypton’ ep 1×04, “The World of Rao”


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