‘Empire’ 4×12: 8 best moments from “Sweet Sorrow”

Empire, Season 4, Episode 12, “Sweet Sorrow”, aired April 11th, 2018

What. An. Episode. We don’t even know where to begin, but we know that our hearts have been reduced to complete mush. So, thanks for that one. But we also know that we couldn’t be happier about being big piles of goo because this was the episode we needed. We didn’t know we needed it, but that’s when they are the best! So, let’s break down our favorite moments from this episode!

Empire 4x12

8. Hakeem stepping up

The Hakeem of today is a far cry from the Hakeem who had his ass handed to him by his mother armed with a broom. This is a far more mature Hakeem and we are loving every second of it. Not only is he stepping up as a father, but he’s trying to do what’s best for his mother and her health. A few years ago, Hakeem would have gladly continued singing, damn the consequences. Now, you can see the reluctance in trying to work with his mother out of fear for her.

Empire 4x12

7. Andre’s redemption

So, we know Andre hasn’t paid for what he did. But there are definitely some outstanding factors here and the situation certainly isn’t black and white. There are some definite gray areas here. First of all, we do have to take into account that Andre is mentally unwell right now. Then, we have to consider the fact that he tried to stop Shine from setting off the bomb and when that didn’t work he went full tilt for Cookie and Lucious to save them. Also, Andre took full responsibility and hasn’t exposed Shine. Yet. While we think he should have, we are definitely seeing a redemption story happening here.

Empire 4x12

6. Becky’s decision

Oh, Becky. We are so proud of her for being so strong and telling J Poppa that she is pregnant. While we absolutely agree with Becky that it is her body and her decision, we still think J Poppa needed to know what was happening. Becky has always been a strong character and it was nice to see her a little vulnerable. She is scared and even though she has Jamal’s support, and now J Poppa’s, she still feels alone. You do what you’ve gotta do, Becky! We’re just glad you aren’t holding any more secrets.

Empire 4x12

5. Tiana and Hakeem

We’ve said this before too, but this episode proved that it is worth repeating. Hakeem and Tiana are going to end up together. It may not be today, tomorrow, or within the next three seasons. But they are absolutely the Lucious and Cookie of their generation. They are ride or die and they are absolutely a power couple. We’ve seen these two go through a lot, and we’re sure their journey is only just beginning!

Empire 4x12

4. The squabbling sisters

While we may not have agreed with Lucious that bringing in Carol and Candace was the best idea, it did offer up some great entertainment. Also, his heart was totally in the right place and that’s what really matters here. But seeing Candace and Carol trying to take care of Cookie was great! Especially since these two are usually coming to Cookie to help them like she does everyone else around her. Also, their interactions were freaking gold! Sisterly love at its finest!

Empire 4x12

3. The vulnerability

It’s not often we get to see Cookie as anything other than a powerhouse. For years, she has constantly been the one to deal with every situation that has come her way. Often even dealing with situations that don’t have anything to do directly with her. Cookie has a great head for business and she doesn’t let anyone stop her. So seeing her down but not out was incredible. There was a vulnerability in her very raw emotions that basically had us sobbing the entire hour. As usual, the life Taraji P. Henson brings to this character is beyond incredible. Give her all the awards. All of them.

Empire 4x12

2. A genuine Lucious

It’s not often we see actual emotions from our king. Emotions that he isn’t forcing out to get someone or something. But true feelings that he can’t hold back no matter how hard he tries. Lucious raging at a higher power and threatening some pretty great consequences if he lost Cookie gave us all the feels. But this is the kind of fire that hits our screens whenever Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson are involved. It’s episodes like this one that remind us how lucky we are to have these two together. Long live the king and queen!

Empire 4x12

1. Coocious

They’ve tried it again and again. But they just have never been able to get it right. This time something is different. We think they finally truly understand that they are better together and have learned a true appreciation for one another. They’ve had health scares, prison, and everything else imaginable come and go between them. But they always find their way back to each other. We’ve all seen it, but it’s clear that Cookie and Lucious are just finally seeing it for themselves. We want more of this king and queen ruling their kingdom!

Empire 4x12

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