‘Taken’ recap 2×10 “All About Eve”

Taken recap, Season 2, Episode 10, “All About Eve”, aired April 6th, 2018

What it’s really all about is a vault that was robbed with some bio-terrorists thrown in for fun. But there is definitely an Eve at the center of it all. Plus as a bonus, Christina gets to bring her team in on an entire mission that originally was offered to another security company. To be specific, a company belonging to Christina’s enemy but he declined the job. Let’s break it all down!

Taken recap 2x10+

Student becomes master

When Bryan and Santana were sparring, we were loving every second. Not only is this a great way for the two of them to bond, but we love seeing their skills in action as well. Especially when there isn’t any actual danger involved. Unless you count to Bryan’s pride. That may have taken a bit of a hit when Santana was able to not only ultimately defeat him, but called him out on his one major flaw. We say one because we really don’t think there is another. But the one he has could lead him to some serious trouble. He tends to always want to save everyone. So when Santana pretended to be injured, Bryan immediately felt bad and that gave Santana the advantage she needed to win.

Taken recap 2x10

But to be fair, we don’t think Bryan will be facing someone who is on his team. Though if we try and see Bryan’s side of it, we have to see Santana’s too. Bryan displays the exact weakness Santana threw at him with Eve and we get a dose of where Santana was coming from. Bryan does have a tendency to fall for those he thinks are suffering. While in his line of work this is usually a great thing, this week it proved to be almost deadly. Which is something he needs to be more careful about in the future. It isn’t just him anymore. Bryan has a whole team and he needs to look out for them as much as he looks out for himself.

Kilroy taken for a fool

It seemed like Kilroy was the only one taken for this episode and it was for quite the ride. With how great he is at hacking and getting any information on anyone, things didn’t go as well for him this week. Not only was he duped over about who Eve really was, but the death of the real Eve was all over the internet. But we can’t be too hard on Kilroy, especially since he is going to be harder on himself than anyone else could be. Besides, we can’t blame Kilroy for all the things that went wrong this week. Since it’s a team, they all had to take a little of the blame this week.

Taken recap 2x10

Plus Kilroy more than made up for the mix up with all the information he was able to provide. Not just about Alice pretending to be her twin sister Eve, either. He also goes on a bit of a rant that gets a rise out of Santana. We aren’t sure if this was supposed to be Kilroy’s idea of flirting, if he was trying to get a rise out of Santana, or if he was just simply stating the facts. Either way, we don’t think anyone quite expected the reaction that came out of Santana over the whole thing. But maybe it will prove to bring Santana and Kilroy closer together. At least we can dream that it will.

Alice or Eve

This is one of the craziest characters we have seen on this show. Not even just in this season either. Not only does this woman take over her dead twin sister’s identity, but she likes to play all sides of the field. We’re not even really sure that she knows what side she is on at this point. But of course we automatically don’t like her because of her betrayal of Bryan. Even though that only came as a result of that weakness Santana warned him about. On top of all that, Alice is a total psychopath. She also got away from Bryan and the team, which has us worried that we haven’t seen the last of her yet. Alice may even become our big bad of the season at this point. While we are totally in support of bad ass women, we certainly like them to be on the good side. Although, watching Bryan and the team eventually take her down will be pretty sweet.

Taken recap 2x10

What do you think is going to happen with Christina and Ramsey? Do you think we’ve seen the last of Alice or will she end up being our big villain of the season? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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