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‘Dynasty’ 1×18: 8 best moments of “Don’t Con a Con Artist”

Dynasty Season 1, Episode 18, “Don’t Con a Con Artist”, aired April 6th, 2018

Alexis is still going head to head with Fallon, but we have faith that our favorite female Carrington can hold her own. The mystery surrounding Liam is still a mystery. Sam gives us a wonderful performance that has us wanting to see more. This episode was full of all that and more and we have the list of all our favorite moments!

Dynasty 1x18

8. The outfits

We just can’t express enough how much we love the style of this show. They are able to perfectly blend styles from the original series and modern times. Even when some of the outfits seem to be a little over the top, they still work perfectly to represent the character. Most of the outfits Alexis wears are a prime example of that. Outrageous outfits for an outrageous woman. If you read that as obnoxious, then you’re probably reading our minds. But we can’t deny that she is a character we love to hate.

Dynasty 1x18

7. The long con

This show hasn’t had a whole lot of mystery so far. Even when it did, it was pretty predictable. But now we have multiple mysteries and they are as unpredictable as they get. We can’t wait to see what comes of the entire Adam story line. We know how it played out in the original, but we don’t think it’s going to quite go that way here. If you haven’t seen the original, no worries. The reboot has completely redefined the entire thing!

Dynasty 1x18

6. The truth behind Liam

Speaking of mysteries, we’ve got so many just revolving around Liam. We’re pretty sure Liam isn’t the long lost Carrington, but with this show you can never be too sure. We are definitely going to hope he isn’t since there has been some hot and heavy moments between him and Fallon. So if he turns out to be related, well, ew. To put it mildly. But even if that isn’t the case with Liam, there is still a lot of things to discover about him. There is clearly something deeper at play with him, and we have no idea what it is. Which is what has us so anxious to find out!

Dynasty 1x18

5. Everything about Sam

First of all, Sam had some kick ass style this week. Not that this is different from any other week, but this one went a little over the top in the best imaginable way! Then there is the matter of Sam’s singing voice and we are just blown away by it. Fans of Rafael De La Fuente may remember him on the extremely musical show, Empire. But we never got the opportunity to hear his character sing. So we had no idea that he had such a voice, but we sure are glad we know now. We also hope this won’t be the last time we hear it!

Dynasty 1x18

4. Blake and his emotions

Not only was it amazing to see Blake finally have the conversation with Cristal that has been needed since the beginning. The one that involves their marriage and the reality of it. We’re hoping this may mean some clearer skies for them going forward, but we aren’t holding out too much hope. Then there was Blake finally opening up and admitting that Anders is more than just the butler. Something we have always known, but needed Blake to admit.

Dynasty 1x18

3. The justice

While another of Fallon’s plans failed, it ended up working out perfectly and we appreciated it. There was a deeper message with Sam and Alexis and it was both needed and perfect. Seeing how calm Sam remained during the entire situation and how he kept his dignity reminded us about why we love him so much. This is a character this show needs and one who should have bigger plots!

Dynasty 1x18

2. The engagement party

Do we really need to go into detail about this one? We’ve already said how perfect we think these two are for each other and this show. Sam and Steven are perfectly matched and we don’t think it is possible for us to love them more. Even through all their mistakes and misdeeds, they still stand by one another and that is a kind of love we can root for.

Dynasty 1x18

1. Fallon

We know it seems like Fallon makes the top of this list every week but is it really a wonder why? This woman is the definition of fierce in a million different ways. Even when she’s being an ass and definitely putting the nasty in Dynasty. There’s just so much charisma that surrounds her! We can’t help but love her. Not to mention that her fashion this week was so much better than just on point. Fallon looked absolutely flawless and fabulous and we just love her!

Dynasty 1x18

What did you think of our list? Was there anything we missed? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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