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The Walking Dead 8×15: 22 Thoughts we had while watching “Worth”

The Walking Dead recap, Season 8, Episode 15, “Worth,” Aired April 8, 2018

This is it people. We are down to the final 2 episodes of season 8 and the conclusion of the Savior story line (I hope). There is almost certainly going to be death and destruction aplenty in these final two episodes, but hopefully the big, bat carrying fella gets to keep living. Maybe as a crazy, murdering team up with Rick? Maybe not, but hey, a guy can dream right? Let’s get this mayhem started with some thoughts I had while watching The Walking Dead 8×15.

Here are 22 thoughts I had while watching “Worth”

I have a lot of respect for the way Rick just flips a switch and goes crazy. Here is he reading letters, being very sad, but by the end of this episode you just know he is going to do something insane.

Please just kill Gregory already. I can’t deal with listening to him speak anymore. Who is even believing his garbage?

Oh Eugene, you are in big trouble now and honestly, you deserve the death you have coming to you. You sold your friends out, big time.


I’m pretty sure Dwight just wet himself when he heard that whistling (and for good reason), Negan is probably going to kill him soon.

Negan is just so damn smooth and you never know what exactly he is thinking. Does he know about Dwight turning on him or is he just being scary and threatening for the fun of it?

Simon is so screwed. Negan may or may not know about Dwight, but he definitely knows what Simon did to the trash people. Might as well just run now buddy.

“The work of a demented, broken, god damn ghoul.” That might be my new favorite line and probably the name of my band if I ever learn to play an instrument.

Is he about to “Lucille” Simon? Because it seems like he is.

Just a fake out, for now anyway, but Simon’s time is coming. The fact that Negan didn’t bring up the junkyard means he has something planned.

Wow, Eugene. That was crazy disgusting, but good job I guess.

Come on guys, you didn’t even think to look in the ashes? Seemed obvious to me he was in there.

Is this really the best spot for your mutiny? Wasn’t Negan on those stairs like an hour ago? I think you guys should have gone out to the woods or something.

What a sloppy mutiny, didn’t even look behind the dumpster to see if Negan was waiting for them.

I knew “Garbage People” was the official name of Jadis’ group. I just knew it deep in my soul.

Are they about to Michael Jackson knife fight? Please let them have a dance, knife fight.

On second thought, after watching last week’s Legion on FX, I think this could be settled by just a straight dance battle.

So, this is how Negan took the Sanctuary – by being a bad ass fighter. He got sucker punched and still kicked the crap out of Simon.


I’m gonna miss Simon though, he was crazy, funny, and you never really knew what he was going to do.

Honestly, I’m shocked that Gregory actually took the map to the Hilltop. I was half expecting him to give it to Negan in some weird attempt to gain favor and survive.

Well, that cannot be good. The plan was a fake to trap Rick. Also, Dwight is found out and I don’t like this one bit.

It’s a Simon zombie!! That thing is both creepy and unsettling.


It seems like that letter was getting to Negan a little, but in the end he just got mad and sticks with the “kill everyone plan.” That’s just the way it has to be I guess.

Where do we go from here?

The penultimate episode had a lot to accomplish and in my opinion it most definitely did. This episode had a little bit of everything, including the death of a major figure from the past few seasons, and the traitor Dwight discovered. With only 1 episode left in the season, events will have to ramp up very quickly in the next episode to reach a resolution. Maybe Jesus will save the day? Seriously, where has that guy been? He isn’t even in this second half, which is very disappointing. I’m guessing the lack of trust in Dwight by Daryl will help Rick and the group avoid the trap and set up a final showdown with Negan. Either way, I can’t wait to see this story finally reach a conclusion.

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Mike loves to geek out over Star Wars, superheroes, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. He is 100% Slytherin, a Sith Supporter and thinks Negan is probably the hero of Walking Dead.

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