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New ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ trailer: “I have a REALLY good feeling about this”

I’m not even going to dive into The Last Jedi to compare apples to Rian Johnson, but I will say this: The Solo movie looks good. Remember when the Rogue One trailers came out, and we all had chills down our spines as the Empire’s sounding alarm hauntingly blared, getting louder and louder as frames of our (soon to be) heroes banded together to find the Death Star plans? It was a whole-new kind of Star Wars film, and we were all aching to see it. That’s the tone this new Solo trailer provides: a fresh, exciting take on the franchise.

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It’s no secret there’s a ton of baggage that comes with the Solo film: casting backlash, fired directors, way too many post-film edits and reshoots, and bringing in Ron Howard last-minute. What’s great about this, though, is what EW Star Wars correspondent Anthony Breznican said: “Solo seems to relish its wrongness”. The fact that the entire production of this film seems to be a mumbled mess and that the trailer doesn’t feel like a classic Star Wars film…actually kind of works.

“Everything in the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is deliberately off, which seems to fit the tale of how one guy became a hero despite constantly doing the wrong thing.” —Anthony Breznican, EW

Take a look at the trailer below, plus the top things to notice:

Things to notice:

  • Chewy and a possible love interest?
  • Lando’s amazing fur coat—and the tease of he and Han’s first meeting
  • Han seems to be hesitant about the life of a bandit
  • Emilia Clarke may be more of a mentor than a love interest
  • Action, action, action. Think Rebels versus classic Star Wars

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