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Favorite Captain Swan scenes part 2 (more like part 200)

As I have been rewatching Once Upon a Time, I have been hit all over again with Captain Swan feels. Now, you may be wondering: aren’t you ALWAYS having Captain Swan feels? And the answer would be yes, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing their journey the third time over. So, to let out some of these feels, I am doing another article about the best Captain Swan scenes!

Emma and Hook start a family


It was only a matter of time before our favorite true love couple decided to add to their little family. The announcement of Emma’s pregnancy was not all that shocking, but it made sense. Killian and Emma never really had a family growing up, so the fact that they are beginning their own family is really special. And we know they’re going to ensure they are around for every step of their child(ren). While it was heartbreaking to see Emma and Killian take a step through that portal back to Storybrooke in 7×02, we know that it was under good circumstances. The moment Killian put his hand against Emma’s stomach, I was a goner. I waited like 20 years for them to get together and start their own little family. I literally stared at my T.V. for like an hour after that because I was so overcome with ALL THE FEELS. And can you believe we’ll get to see them with their baby? Byyyyeeeee.

“A Happy Beginning”


Don’t sit here and tell me that this song doesn’t make you want to lie in bed and cry. I know that it’s cliche that I picked their wedding song for best moments, but come on. After everything they’ve gone through, literally ventured through Hell, I was pumped to see they were receiving their happy beginning. Even if it was soiled by the stupid Black Fairy real briefly. But the song sequence signified that they fought for one another and won. That their love is stronger than any curse of villain in all of the realms. Plus, it’s a really catchy song. I’d advise you to not listen to it at the gym. Learn from my mistakes.



This scene was *insert fire emoji here*, but that’s not why I liked it.  Get your heads out of the gutter, you guys. It’s in this moment that Emma and Killian are truly happy and content. Emma even admits that she’s just so happy, which surprises her. Killian says the same thing. And you know, those two deserve the happiness they’ve gotten from one another. Both of them a lost girl and lost boy, bound together. It’s just really beautiful to think about them finding each other after years of being alone. But remember when this scene aired, and the fandom literally lost their cool? Good times, good times.

Emma saves Hook


So I was rewatching the episode “Kansas,” which if you would like to experience a whole lot of emotions, I would recommend turning this episode on. Emma was hardcore denying her feelings for Killian, and even told Zelena that she should’ve enchanted the lips of someone she’d actually kiss. Such a lie! Obviously. However, even though Emma was pushing and pulling with her feelings towards Killian, she ultimately gave up her magic to save him. She knew this would cost her the opportunity to defeat Zelena, but she realized that maybe she had some feelings for Killian. Emma was just too stubborn to admit said feelings.

AU Hook and AU Emma


I don’t think I’ve talked about this adventure as much, which I don’t know why. In any realm, any versions of themselves, they still manage to feel the connection to one another. Name an OTP who has fallen in love with each other like a million different times. That’s what makes Captain Swan so special; their love and bound literally spans throughout different realms and time periods. That, right there, is what I call relationship goals. Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely to happen in real life. Not to mention the fact that Killian ended up dying to save Emma and Henry, despite the fact that he didn’t know Emma was his. Powerful. And Emma teaching him how to fight…oh my goodness.

Relive the beauty of Captain Swan and rewatch the series. Fall in love with them all over again! What Captain Swan scene is your favorite? Sound off below or fangirl with me on Twitter!

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