‘The Resident’ recap 1×09 “Lost Love”

The Resident recap, Season 1, Episode 9, “Lost Love”, aired March 26th, 2018

Lane takes things to an all new low as Conrad’s former fiance makes her return. Yeah, things definitely took a turn to the dramatic side this week. But probably worst of all, we lost Lily. Something we have felt coming over the past few weeks but dreaded all the same. Now, we’re just angry and we want some justice served to all the corrupt doctors at Chastain. Let’s break it down!

The Resident recap 1x09

Beautiful liar

No one is as good a liar as Lane Hunter. To the point where we are almost convinced of her innocence despite knowing and seeing the things she’s done. The tears were certainly a nice touch as she acted like she really gave a damn when a patient was lost. When in reality, Lane herself was the reason her patients were dying in the first place. We can’t even fathom how she could be this evil. Not only to Lily, but to all of the patients that have been sacrificed for her bullshit since the beginning. But we had the time to fall in love with Lily’s character and now we’ve lost her.

The Resident recap 1x09

Lily was a sweet girl who never expected to make it. But we held out hope for her anyway. Even though Lane is an evil crap pile, we thought she cared for Lily and wanted her to get better. So yes, we were fooled by her too. Which is why we can’t blame Conrad for falling for her crap for so long. But when Lane didn’t bat an eye at sacrificing Lily’s life just so she could frame Nic, we had enough. Obviously there is something far more sinister than we thought going on if Lane is willing to kill a patient just to stop Nic from snooping. We’ll be in the corner crying if you need us.

Unholy union

We knew there was something more going on with Bell and Lane beneath the surface. We had a feeling that there was either a romance between them in the past, or they were looking for one in the future. But now we are beginning to suspect that Bell is just another pawn in Lane’s game. She was using going out to dinner with him as her alibi when Lily died. While we hate to admit it, this was pretty smart. Not only are Bell and Lane some of the most powerful doctors around, but when they team up together, there aren’t many that would even dare to question their activities. This isn’t right by any means, but it is the truth.

The Resident recap 1x09

But we aren’t sure just how involved Bell is in this whole thing. It’s been made pretty clear to us that he has feelings for Lane. Would he support her still if he knew what she was really doing? Or could he already know and he just doesn’t ask questions, or worse, doesn’t care? We’re actually pretty afraid to find out the truth. We knew the corruption in this hospital ran rampant, but we are starting to see it runs quite deep as well. Can Conrad just go and start his own hospital now? He probably should have taken his father up on that offer, no matter what strings would have been attached. At least he could have gotten all the good doctors of Chastain away from this toxic place!

Heartbreaking loss

For a man who shows little emotion, seeing Conrad break down so intensely had us bawling our eyes out. If you didn’t feel the intense emotion, you’re a monster. We’re only saying that because there is literally no way you didn’t feel it. No way. Not only did Conrad try to refuse to let Lily go, but we literally watched his heart break as he had to make the call. We are so used to Conrad’s determination saving not only his own ass, but his patient’s as well. We will admit there was a large part of us that was fully hoping and prepared for Conrad to bring Lily back. But with every pump of Lily’s chest, our hope faded away.

The Resident recap 1x09

Watching Conrad sink down and lose it, had us clenching our eyes in despair as well. We’ve gotten the chance to know Lily and we’ve seen how the other doctors felt about the woman. Her loss is one that is going to be felt hospital wide and we will not stop until she is avenged. We fill vindicated that Conrad, Nic, and Devon won’t stop either. We can only hope that when justice is served, Lane feels the pain that she has caused what we can only assume is so many people.

Deep feelings

We got to get a deeper look at just how much Conrad cares for Nic as well. When Catherine, Conrad’s ex-fiance makes her return to the hospital, she reveals some truths. Not only is Nic still wearing the ring Conrad gave her, but Catherine tells her it belonged to his mother. We were startlingly glad that Catherine made an appearance. We know, that sounds weird but hear us out. She actually brought Nic and Conrad closer together, and we kind of love her for it. Catherine can come back any time. As long as she remains uninterested in Conrad romantically.

The Resident recap 1x09

What’s going to happen to Nic? Who will be able to stop Lane, if anyone, and how? Does Bell know about Lane and her shady dealings? Should Conrad enlist the help of more doctors in order to bring Lane down? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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