‘The Resident’ recap 1×07 “The Elopement”

The Resident recap, Season 1, Episode 7, “The Elopement”, aired March 12th, 2018

Conrad may just be getting his first clue that Nic is right about Lane. When they get into an argument over what treatment is right for a patient, Jude enters and stirs the pot even more. Then we’ve got Nic, who has to deal with a patient getting special treatment who has crossed a line with her.

The Resident recap 1x07

Unwanted advances

We’ve seen it time and time again in shows. Some jerk thinks so highly of himself that he just can’t believe there is a single woman out there that could resist him. This is exactly what Nic had to deal with and we felt for her. The amount of disgust she felt was right about the same level as all of us. But the way she handled it was amazing! Also, we loved Conrad’s reaction to the whole thing. For a guy who does his best to not show emotions, he doesn’t seem able to help himself when Nic is involved. We love it! While we know that Nic is a strong and independent woman, there is nothing wrong with someone who loves you wanting to protect you. Especially from scumbags like Bobby.

The Resident recap 1x07

The fact that Bobby was apparently considered a VIP patient shouldn’t have mattered. But as usual, money trumps everything. Including sexual harassment. But Nic didn’t let that stop her and we would have loved to see her send out that dick pic. We don’t the media would have seen it as anything other than what it was. Wrong. It was enough to almost make us wish Bobby would have pushed Nic’s buttons. Almost.

Investigate this

Nic is no longer the only one looking into Lane Hunter. Devon had already been swayed to go up against the doctor because of Nic and because of Lane’s actions. It really doesn’t take long to begin suspecting something isn’t quite on the up and up with her treatments and clinics. So either Lane is doing a shit job of hiding what she’s doing, or she just thinks she is invincible and doesn’t care who knows what is really going on. Honestly, we could see both sides of this. Lane is clearly pretty confident and basically feels untouchable because of her reputation and the backing of Bell. But this could also mean that she’s gotten sloppy with hiding the evidence after all this time.

The Resident recap 1x07

Devon has now added Priya to the ever growing list of those who don’t trust Lane. Of course, it helps that Priya is an investigative journalist. If she does things right and with the backing of Nic and Devon, this story could make Priya’s career! We know we’re rooting for her. But things were going to be difficult with a nurse and an intern trying to get information. They needed someone who wasn’t worried for their career and could get them on the inside track. So you add Conrad to the mix and you know who the winner is going to come out to be.

Ring the Bell

We all know Bell has money from his years as a successful surgeon. So why the hell can’t he just accept that his career is done and leave? Is he really that full of himself that he thinks he is going to be able to continue working? Bell is smart enough to know he shouldn’t personally be performing the surgeries, so at least there’s that. But he doesn’t seem willing to step down as chief either. We’re wondering just how long he is going to get away with being the Chief of Surgery and not performing any surgeries. When Claire made the new rule to start firing doctors with the highest rate of errors, we know that’s the only reason Bell even backed off surgeries.

The Resident recap 1x07

The new rule also had us wondering if Claire may be on to Bell. It seems strange that she would wait until now to create such a rule. We hope Claire confronts his ass soon and cans him. Don’t get us wrong, we are really happy that Bell refused to let the board fire Mina. But Mina never would have been in trouble in the first place if it wasn’t for Bell and his lying ways. Also, the only reason he even helped Mina get out from the board’s microscope was for his own benefit. Side note, we absolutely loved watching Mina give Bell a little taste of exactly what he deserves!


We’re starting to think Jude can be added to the crap list right along with Bell and Lane. What the hell is going on with that guy? He seems to be making an awful lot of mistakes and his can’t be blamed on anyone else. Then he goes and sticks his nose into Nic and Conrad’s love life. We don’t know exactly what his angle is with Nic, but no one who claims to be a best friend is going to go after the other guy’s woman. Even though Nic and Conrad aren’t together, if Jude knew Conrad at all like he says he does, he would know that Conrad still loves Nic and back off. We certainly don’t want to see Jude end up with Nic.

The Resident recap 1x07

Do you think Conrad will be able to help bring Lane down? If Lane does go down, what will that mean for Bell’s future? Do you think Priya is going to get in over her head with her investigative journalism? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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