‘The Resident’ recap 1×08 “Family Affair”

The Resident recap, Season 1, Episode 8, “Family Affair”, aired March 19th, 2018

Conrad and Nic team up to take care of an abandoned homeless man. On the funnier side of things, we got to see Irving and Devon team up. They were in fine form taking care of a male prostitute. While Mina is dealing with a love struck Micah. Things definitely heated up in this episode, especially with the charity ball that didn’t seem all that charitable! Let’s break it down!

The Resident recap 1x08

War of feelings

When Nic and Conrad took care of the homeless woman who had been dropped on her ass, my heart melted. There has never been a doubt about where Conrad stands when it comes to someone who needs help. Conrad will always be on the right side. Nic standing right beside him usually goes hand in hand with that as well. Devon is proving himself to be as passionate as Conrad when it comes to doing what is right as well. But certainly not all the doctors at Chastain are on that page, including Doctor Bell.

The Resident recap 1x08

But Bell doesn’t seem to be able to look at the situation in black and white. No matter how hard he tries. One moment he is completely against Nic and Conrad taking care of the woman and the next he is showing compassion. Not a lot, mind you. But in the case of the usually cold and detached doctor, any amount of compassion can be a lot. Bell would’ve been against treating the woman if he was as far as the chain of command went. But when other people got involved, Bell fought like hell to insist Chastain was a hospital that treats everyone. Of course, it certainly helped once the patient was no longer a Jane Doe and was revealed to come from a powerful family.

Connections matter

When we found out the truth of who Sara was, Bell’s compassionate side didn’t seem quite so mysterious anymore. She didn’t matter when she was poor, but coming from a rich family was a game changer. Don’t worry about trying to contain your sigh of disappointment. We certainly couldn’t. Every time we try to hate Bell, he does something that makes us question our judgement. Then the reasons behind why he did something good make us face palm ourselves. He truly does come off as an evil man, and he doesn’t even seem to care. How would Sara have ended up if she hadn’t been connected to an extremely wealthy family? Bell had her moved to VIP when he found out her last name. But before, he had wanted her put in the psych ward.

The Resident recap 1x08

It seems as this show goes on, the patients are basically put into two categories. If they’re high profile, or have any connections to someone who is, they’re put in front of the line. Regardless of how minor their condition, it’s treated first. This is fine and dandy as long as other patients are being taken care of too. But Chastain seems to have a shortage of doctors, so that doesn’t quite fly. But if patients are coming in that have no money or no connections, they are put to the back of the line and sometimes forgotten about. While this show may not be completely factual, it does stick to some very real elements. As with most things in life, as unfortunate as it is, money matters. Who you know, or who you’re related to, often comes into play as to how you are treated.

Ship war

We love Mina. We have loved Mina since the very moment she came on screen. But we also love Mina with Irving. There is just something so charming about the two of them. How nervous Irving gets around her and Mina pretending she doesn’t love when he flirts with her. But this episode brought back a fan favorite in Micah, and it has us in the middle of a ship where. One where we have no idea which crew to join. Our case for Irving is that he has a genuine respect and understanding for Mina. Along with a friendship that has been going on for a while. Plus, Irving is a total sweetheart.

The Resident recap 1x08

The case for Micah isn’t half bad either. Not only is the guy extremely respectful and smart, but he’s genuinely kind as well. Plus, Mina seems to really like the teacher. In a way we haven’t really seen her be with Irving. But we do have to wonder if with Micah’s health conditions, we aren’t setting ourselves up for failure and heartbreak by rooting for him. Also, we have had the privilege of getting to know Irving a little bit more than Micah, so we may be biased.

Who you are

We loved getting a deeper look into the psyche of Devon this week. It was also great to see him talk about his heritage a little bit and where he thinks he fits in. Devon has been a great character since the moment we first saw him, but we haven’t had a lot of backstory. So it’s great that we are seeing a bit more of the deeper sides of his personality and also a little of his personal life with more Priya showing up as well.

The Resident recap 1x08

Who do you ship Mina with? Do you think we will get to see even more of Priya as the weeks go on and the investigation into Lane Hunter goes deeper? Will Doctor Bell continue to get away with his cruel behavior? Is the connection between Nic and Conrad getting deeper as the weeks go on? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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