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‘Agents of SHIELD’ 5×16: Is Deke Shaw really Fitzsimmons’ grandson?

Agents of SHIELD 5×16 discussion, Season 5, Episode 16, “Inside Voices,” Aired April 7, 2018

Before we talk about Deke Shaw, let’s look at the episode. Things are really heating up as the Agents search for Coulson by any means necessary. Will they save Coulson? Will Daisy destroy the world or will it be Ruby? With so many open questions and such high stakes, tensions are running high for viewers and for the stressed out teams (on both sides). There is one thing that is starting to creep back up and making us question one of our favorite twists of the season.

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Is Deke really Fitzsimmons’ grandson?

“You gotta play the long game or the whole world is gonna be a vacancy, right?” – Deke

It was this sentence that caught our attention during this episode. Deke was talking to Fitz and he mentioned the “long game” and that raised a red flag. And while we absolutely want to believe that Deke is the grandson of Fitzsimmons, we need to ask the question, what if he’s not? What if this is all a long con in order to stop the end of the world?

The Evidence

The Hydra database has him linked to Fitzsimmons and that is the only hard “evidence” we have so far. The rest is all stuff that Deke could have lifted from someone else. A true, true believer perhaps? What if Deke isn’t their grandson? What if it’s Virgil or one of the other True Believers? Or what if they never had children at all?

It wasn’t just the “long game” line that made us wonder about Deke’s intentions. It was how Deke said the same(ish) line to Fitz and to Simmons about Daisy.

“Ever since she’s been in charge, Daisy has become a hardass.” – Deke

He says this to Simmons and Fitz separately and there isn’t really a clear reason for it. Also, when Deke gets to Daisy (with Simmons behind him), Deke makes a big deal about being late and it really seems like it’s all for Simmons benefit. Why? Is creating tension in the group all a part of his long game?

Back in episode 5×8, we saw that the Invincible three really do make it to Lighthouse, but in that same episode we also see that Robin keeps telling Fitz about Jemma’s death and it’s driving him crazy. That’s a detail we shouldn’t overlook. We don’t know when Jemma dies, but Robin sees it all.

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Remember poor Virgil? He was so happy to find the Agents but he got knocked out and killed almost immediately. Afterwards, Tess took Coulson to Virgil’s apartment. It was filled with Earth artifacts and it’s very likely that some of those items could have come from the surviving Earth Agents of SHIELD, like Fitz’s pocket knife. Virgil was a huge fan of SHIELD, so he would have known all about Fitz. Maybe even his favorite sandwich!

Virgil knew all about the Agents and Deke has proven to be a shifty guy. He was willing to screw over the team in order to save humanity earlier in the season. It wouldn’t be too far off to assume that he would do it again. Like us, Simmons wants to believe that this is true and maybe that’s why she does. Or maybe Deke really is her grandson, we are just being too un-trusting. Either way, we should all keep our eyes on Deke Shaw.

What did you think of this episode and our Deke Shaw scrutiny? Hit the comments and tell us!

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