‘Gotham’ recap: 4×17 “Mandatory Brunch Meeting”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 17, “Mandatory Brunch Meeting,” Aired April 5, 2018

Do you think it would be more effective for Alfred and Jim to tell Bruce to do things rather than to not get involved? We all know Bruce has a habit of not listening, so maybe telling him to do it would be more effective.

Anyway, we get a peek at the Joker (maybe)! The episode ended with a tease of the potential Joker with that iconic laugh. I need more of that right now. And I’ve seen some theories that Ecco is going to be Harley – any thoughts?

Also, Cameron Monaghan deserves all the awards because his acting is AMAZING!

Before we delve into the episode, here are some riddles from the show. Answers will be at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!

  1. Forward I’m heavy, but backwards I’m not. What am I?
  2. I can be broken without being held – given, and then taken away. Some people use me to deceive, but when delivered, I am the greatest gift of all. What am I?


Legion of Horribles

Gotham 4x17 recap Mandatory Brunch Meeting legion of horribles

Jerome, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Penguin, Solomon Grundy, Mr. Freeze, Firefly, and The (maybe) Joker – what a crowd.

Jerome gathered Gotham’s strangest for a “mandatory brunch meeting” at Oswald’s. Together, this group of villains is going to, as Jerome put it, “paint the town crazy.” We don’t quite get to see much of the massive team-up this week, but I hope it’s coming. This is quite the group.

Welcome to the Riddle Factory

Gotham 4x17 recap Mandatory Brunch Meeting it's riddle time at the riddle factory

The Riddler is hosting a sort of game show/club where he asks contestants riddles, and if the contestant gets the riddle and stumps The Riddler with one in return, the challenger wins. If not, the contestant (loser) spins the wheel of torture. Not gonna lie, I was ridiculously amused by this. And when Lee comes in and challenges The Riddler to a round, putting the club itself on the line, stakes get even higher.

Everyone thinks The Riddler is going to take Lee down easily, but don’t underestimate her. She is smart. She doesn’t know the answer to the first riddle, but she manipulates The Riddler into giving it away. When it’s her turn, she tries to trick him into saying “I love you” to reawaken Ed, who she holds out hope still resides somewhere inside The Riddler. He refuses to say it, BUT THEN…

Gotham 4x17 recap Mandatory Brunch Meeting Nygmakins

BUT THEN THEY KISS!!! WOW. We all kind of knew he had feelings for her, but I did not anticipate either of them acting on those feelings.

Butch wants none of it

Lovesick puppy Butch is drowning his sorrows at a bar, and Penguin comes to him looking for an ally. Butch isn’t really into that, and he shows Penguin a bit of Solomon Grundy.

Gotham 4x17 recap Mandatory Brunch Meeting Butch does not want alliance with Penguin

Oswald bravely comes back and offers Butch a way to get Tabitha back in return for an allegiance. That cure depends on finding the one man who can help reverse Butch’s condition as Grundy: Hugo Strange. I am all in for bringing Strange back!

Family Reunion

Gotham 4x17 recap Mandatory Brunch Meeting Jerome has a twin Harvey runs after Mad Hatter

Jerome has a twin! A prodigy architect whose identity is a secret to all but Jerome and a proxy, Ecco, is Jeremiah Valeska – Jerome’s twin. The reason no one knows who he is: He’s been hiding from Jerome this whole time. But for someone who claims to want Jerome in Arkham, he doesn’t cooperate with Jim and Harvey, instead lying and hiding Jerome from them.

Not playing along with Jim and Harvey, Jeremiah and Jerome get into a showdown, in which it is revealed that Jeremiah’s accounts of how awful Jerome was to him poisoned him to his loved ones. Jerome tortured Jeremiah as they grew up together. When Jim and Harvey do manage to catch up with the twin Valeskas, they end up cutting that family reunion short, and Jerome and his minions get away and back to their allegiance of villains.

Gotham 4x17 recap Mandatory Brunch Meeting Jerome

I will say that my theory is that despite this episode’s ending, Jeremiah is The Joker. However, we’ll have to wait and see.


Next week, Jerome takes the stage for quite a performance. Bruce comes back in for another showdown with him, and we see more Jeremiah. I want to see more of that supervillain alliance, along with some more on The Joker and the return of Hugo Strange, though it may be too soon for that last one. The only way to know is to tune in next week to find out. Talk to you then, Gothamites!

Answers to riddles:

  1. Forward, it’s a “ton,” backwards, it’s N-O-T.
  2. A promise.


Next week:

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