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‘Arrow’: Best moments from 6×17 “Brothers in Arms”

Arrow season 6, episode 17 “Brothers in Arms” aired Thursday, April 5th, 2018.

Hey there, Arrowheads! We’re switching things up a bit. Since we love focusing on the things we love here at, we’re going to start highlighting the best moments of each Arrow episode, rather than recapping the whole thing.

So, here are our favorite moments from Arrow’s latest episode, “Brothers in Arms!”

Every moment of OTA… even if they weren’t getting along

It’s no secret that we adore our original team. And if anything good has come of the recent team drama, it’s the return to our original trio of crimefighters. Although Oliver and Dig weren’t exactly on the same page this episode, there were still multiple scenes that reminded us of classic Arrow — OTA doesn’t always get along, but that’s how family works. And these three, indisputably, have become family in the past six years.

Oliver and Felicity being totally married on the comms

In the opening moments, Felicity encourages her husband to tell Diggle about his choice to remain Green Arrow. Although most spouses encourage their partners to go for the big promotion or pitch a new idea, Felicity’s encouragement is still entirely wifely, and we love seeing moments that remind us that our OTP actually is married. Plus, Oliver’s reminder that he’s about to be fighting is such a cute response.


Oh, Lyla. We don’t see you near enough. It’s such a joy to have you on our screens, however briefly.

We love any episode that gives us Dyla, or just Lyla being awesome. This week, we got both! Can we have an Arrow spin-off where Olicity and Dyla just go on double dates and couples vacations every week?

Felicity basically parenting two grown men

Felicity breaking up Oliver and Diggle’s fight was iconic. She just couldn’t deal with these two boys literally fighting while so much was going on, and she put a stop to it. Iconic. Hero. We stan.

“I’m not going anywhere”

This show needs more Olicity moments. Until then, we’ll cling on to the little things, like this iconic line and Felicity’s subtle scratching of Oliver’s back while she said it.

So there you have it! Our favorite things about this week’s Arrow. P.S. Can we please stop kicking Oliver?? Seriously, enough already. Everyone emotionally (and physically) beating him up has gotten old.

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