‘Legion’: Season 2 premiere recap

Legion Season 2 Premiere, Season 2, Episode 1, “Chapter 9,” Aired April 3, 2018

Wow. All I can really say is just, wow. Legion with a bang with the season 2 premiere, “Chapter 9”. Other shows should take note, because this was how you do a premiere right. We received some answers from last season, we got a whole host of confusing new questions, and were introduced to some new very creepy characters. Oh, did I mention a dance battle with Oliver, Lenny, and David? Last night literally had it all!

Let’s take a look at that amazing Legion Season 2 Premiere!


What we learned:

Legion can be a very confusing show, and confusing might be an understatement. Despite that, the show does have a way of providing answers and keeping the plot moving. A lot of shows can throw random questions at you and keep you totally in the dark, but it takes a special show to actually give you some nuggets of info along the way. So what did we learn?

#1 A Year. We learned that David has been trapped in that orb for almost a full year, but to him it has only been a day. We started to see snippets of how this was going to be a problem for the group, and as we learn more about his time in there we can only imagine it gets worse.

#2 The Body. A few weeks back we posed some theories as to what the Shadow King could be looking for. Turns out one of them was actually correct – which is honestly shocking. Oliver and Lenny are on a world trip looking for his body. It makes complete sense that he would want it back and we can’t even imagine how powerful he would become with it. Even now his mental powers are top notch, to take such control of Oliver like that.

#3 David’s personalities. One of the most important things we learned was also one of the smallest moments – David hearing voices. The show is called Legion after all. We didn’t think the Shadow King was the only one hanging around in there and have been wondering for awhile now when other parts of David’s personality would show up. Last night they finally did. There were a couple of moments when 2 distinct voices showed up.

First, after David’s talk with Ptonomy, the 2 voices seem to be having a conversation about what he knows. Are they worried he sees them in there or did David do something they don’t want found out? The second time was before his meeting with those weird mustache people. Again, they seemed to be having a conversation, only this time they were heard by the other people, who must be telepaths. It worth pointing out that neither voice seemed to be evil, like the Shadow King, these 2 were more helpful.

Questions we have:

#1 Who exactly took David? Originally, we suspected the Division 3 took David because it just seemed like something they would do. That was not the case, however, as they told him it wasn’t them. Yet, at the same time, our money is still on D3 only a future version of them. Did a Division 3 from the future send the orb back to take David? And to what purpose? These questions lead us to question number 2….

#2 What was the deal with future Syd? Inside the orb David had a very strange, very silent interaction with a future version of Syd. This Syd was clearly very sad and missing an arm too. To make matters even stranger, she instructed David to help the Shadow King find his body. Why in the world would they want to do that? What happened in the future that could be so bad that they would help their enemy? An even worse enemy perhaps?

#3 The Teeth. What exactly is the purpose of the infection and the teeth? Besides creeping everyone out and making it hard for people watching to sleep, I mean. There must be a reason for Oliver to be doing this, could it just be as simple as trying to throw everyone off? Or is there something more to this?

#4 The Inception. At the start of the episode, we saw Lenny and Oliver floating in a pool, in the mind of a man, in the mind of Oliver? Wow. (We have a feeling that the mystery man might be the Shadow King’s body, but it’s still super weird.)

#5 Baskethead and his 3 weirdos. Honestly, the title says it all. A guy with a basket on his head that doesn’t speak? 3 autotuned women with mustaches? Every part of their scenes was a question. We are with one of the voices in David’s head, “This is weird.”


Worth the wait

We loved every confusing, head scratching moment of the premiere. It feels like it has been a long wait since season 1 ended, but it was worth every moment. Visually stunning, amazing acting performances, and an excellent story, as always. For our money, Legion is the best show out right now and last night did not disappoint one bit. We can’t wait for next week’s episode and can’t promise we won’t watch that dance number 30 more times before next Tuesday. It was that good.

Legion airs on FX, Tuesdays at 10/9c.


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