‘Famous in Love’ 2×02: 6 Best Moments

Famous in Love, Season 2, Episode 2, “La La Locked,” Aired April 04, 2018

We should all count our blessings this week because we’re getting two-hours of Famous in Love instead of one! After all of this drama that’s going down, our heads may just explode! Let’s break down the second episode of season 2!

#1. Ida is shady A.F.!

Tangey’s mom, Ida, is the producer of Alexis’s reality show. Since Tangey wouldn’t sign on to do a show, she went for Alexis who says yes to just about everything. In the last episode, Alexis asked for a night off. What she didn’t know was there was a camera in her bedroom that recorded Tangey telling her all about Nina and Jordan. Ida shows the footage to Alexis and tells her to make a choice. Fame or friends. It’s no wonder your daughter hates you, Ida!

#2. Rainer is back!

Rainer checked himself out of rehab in the last episode. He told his new girlfriend, Harper, that he wasn’t going back to work. Harper convinces him that he really needs to go back to work and use his celebrity for good. He gets to decide the narrative, not anyone else. Harper had better watch out though. From the way Rainer was longingly looking at pictures of Paige online, we’d say he’s not quite over her yet.

Famous in Love
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#3. No more playing house.

Paige and Jake have sort of been in a bubble since they started dating. Filming his movie by day, sharing a bed by night, but now that has to end. Well the shooting his movie, anyway. Paige has to return to the Locked set so she won’t have time to shoot Jake’s movie. Jake is trying to beat a deadline to submit his film to Sundance. Now that he has to recast Paige and do reshoots, he’s afraid he won’t make it.

#4. Alexis is back to her old tricks.

Alexis originally tells Ida that she will not betray Tangey. She doesn’t want the footage aired. She promises to get her juicy things from the Locked set. That’s all put to an end when Nina won’t even let the camera’s into the Facebook Live event to announce the movie will begin shooting again. This pisses Alexis off so she heads back home to record how she felt when she found out about Nina and Jordan. She hopes Nina is put in jail since Jordan was only 16 when they started their affair. If Alexis airs this, it will be the end of her friendship with Tangey.

Famous in Love
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#5. One night stand.

Nina and Alan hooked up in the last episode. The two decide that they were just in the moment and it can’t happen again. Alan decides that since Nina hasn’t left yet they’re technically still in the moment so they hook up again. Nina also volunteers to help Alan pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend. Say what? We’re thinking you probably shouldn’t get married, Alan. Especially, if you’re sleeping with your son’s mother.

#6. Hashtag Raige

Paige is nervous to go back to work because Rainer isn’t even talking to her. She doesn’t know how she’s going to shoot the remaining love scenes with him if he hates her. She asks Jordan what she should do since he knows Rainer so well. Jordan tells her to use her feelings for Jake in the love scenes with Rainer. Yeah, we’re thinking that’s going to backfire but we’ll have to wait and see! Both have moved on to new relationships but it’s clear there are unresolved feelings between them.

Famous in Love
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What did you think of this episode of Famous in Love? So much drama, so little time. It’s going to be interesting to see how all of these new twists play out. If the secret about Jordan and Nina gets out, how will Rainer handle it? He already almost went back to the bottle after seeing Paige again! Stay strong Rain Man! Tweet us your thoughts at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

Famous in Love airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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