‘Famous in Love’ 2×01: Is Locked Doomed?

Famous in Love season premiere, Season 2, Episode 1, “The Players,” Aired April 04, 2018

After what seems like forever, Famous in Love is back! It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for the answer to season one’s cliffhanger! Did Paige choose Rainer or Jake? Hopefully, all of our questions will be answered in the first episode! There are a few new faces this season also!

We’ve got the 8 top moments from the season premiere for you!

Famous in Love
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#1. Rainer or Jake?

At the end of season one, we saw Jake profess his love to Paige in front of the world pretty much. She was at a press conference for Locked when he burst in. The question the press was asking at the time was if Paige and Rainer were, in fact, an item. We didn’t have to wait long to find out who Paige chose. Jake! We’re still trying to decide if we’re happy with her choice. Paige and Rainer have incredible chemistry, but Jake is smokin hot this season!

#2. Will Locked ever resume filming?

After Paige made her choice, Rainer went to rehab so the film has been shut down for two months. The studio isn’t willing to foot the bill much longer so the movie could be over before it even really started. Nina is fighting tooth and nail to get production going again but it hinges on Rainer’s return and right now Rainer is being Rainer.

Famous in Love
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#3. Rainer’s recovery.

We were definitely glad to see Rainer getting the help he needs. He seems to be enjoying rehab so much he doesn’t want to leave. He especially doesn’t want to go back to work on Locked. He’s not talking to his mother or Paige so it’d be awkward to work with them, to say the least. Rainer does have a new girl in his life keeping him company. Danielle Campbell plays Rainer’s sexy new lady. They met in Rehab and this could be just what Rainer needs to get over Paige.

#4. Is Alexis a reality star?

Alexis had a lot of bad luck in season one. She lost her part on Locked, then got another one, then used Jake to steal his script. This girl was all over the place. Tangey’s mom approached Alexis with the idea of being the star of her own reality show and she jumped at the chance. Tangey, however, wants nothing to do with Alexis’s new show. Unfortunately, Alexis is up to her old tricks and Tangey isn’t going to have a choice.

Famous in Love
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#5. Are Nina and Alan getting back together?

Even if Rainer hasn’t forgiven his mom for keeping Alan a secret from him, Alan has. Originally, Nina didn’t want to be near Alan for any amount of time. Now it seems she’s changing her mind. She uses Alan as a sounding board more than once and by the end of the episode, it looks like these two are more than friends.

#6. Who killed Barrett Hopper?

Another bombshell cliffhanger from season one was seeing the tabloid journalist, Barrett Hopper, get shot. He knew his shooter but we never got a chance to see their face. We’re all thinking it was Nina or Jordan. They had the biggest beef with the guy. Fortunately, we were wrong! It was Nina’s assistant! You know the one that was feeding Barrett information? Well, she turned around and double-crossed him!

Famous in Love
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#7. Cassie has a new career.

Instead of cleaning houses topless, Cassie is now trying her hand at acting. She has a commercial out that airs several times a day. The only bad thing is it’s for a vaginal itch cream! Now when she goes out in public she’s known as the “vagina itch girl!” Poor Cassie! She also has a part in the new independent movie that Jake is making!

#8. You’re fired!

After Nina finds out that Paige is also acting in Jake’s indy movie, she calls her in and tells her that she’s going to shut it down. Paige is contracted to Locked and isn’t allowed to do anything else. Paige tries to explain to Nina that she hasn’t worked for two months and she has to do something. Nina’s not having it so Paige goes to talk to her agents. The agents basically tell her the same thing so she fires them all! Paige isn’t playing this season!

Famous in Love
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What did you think of this episode of Famous in Love? Are you surprised by Paige’s choice? She and Jake are awfully cute but what will happen if Locked resumes shooting again? Tweet us your thoughts at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

Famous in Love airs Wednesday’s at 8/7c on Freeform.

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