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‘The Walking Dead’ 8×14: 22 Thoughts we had while watching “Still Gotta Mean Something”

The Walking Dead recap, Season 8, Episode 14, “Still Gotta Mean Something,” Aired April 1, 2018

We are only a few episodes away from the season finale of season 8 of The Walking Dead, 2 episodes to be exact. While these last couple of episodes have felt a little more action packed, it still feels like the show is stuck in the mud. How are they going to wrap up this story-line in just a few short episodes? Will ‘The Walking Dead’ 8×14 attempt to move the show forward?

Here are 22 thoughts I had while watching “Still Gotta Mean Something”

Gunfire right from the start? I’m on board with that kind of intensity, let’s keep it up.

Wow Jadis, smart plan to play dead. I always just assumed that she was kept alive to suffer with the guilt, guess not. Say what you will about her and her terrible way of speaking, but she is damn good at playing dead. I bet she practiced this.

Jadis’ home seems pretty nice. Probably cleaner than my own room and the bed looks pretty decent for a junkyard.

I say this every week, but I am going to miss Negan. Is there a line he delivers that isn’t just perfect?

So Jadis is just going to smash his head in with Lucille and Negan is done right? That would be the smart play, but obviously she has to give him a chance to escape first(which he most certainly will).


How long until the Hilltop has to eat that horse? Seems like it is coming pretty soon.

Tara is ok everyone. Yay. Dwight must have shot her with a clean arrow. Oh well, there is always next time.

Morgan is going off the rails now clearly, you can see it in his eyes. He looks crazy.

I don’t think she wants to hear your explanation Negan. Like at all.

Oh great, another hallucination. Just stop with this already. Morgan is crazy, we get it.

Rick looks like he is about to go off-plan again on a crazy mission for revenge. Probably not a good idea for the overall group, but I love crazy, kill mode Rick.

Hold on just a second. Did Jadis leave Negan within arms reach of a gun? That’s bananas, even for this show.


How sweet that Negan named the bat after his wife. We had to know that was the case with how much he seemed to love it a few episodes ago, but it is nice to have confirmation. It is kinda touching.

Come to think of it, we don’t really have much backstory on Negan at all. This is the most we have gotten out of him other than being the big bad guy for the last couple seasons. I wouldn’t mind an episode that focused on just his backstory a little.

What in the world is going on with that helicopter? Where is it coming from and how does Jadis know to call for it?

How did they let these fools catch them? Not good at all.

Where is Carol? I don’t see her captured, which means she is probably about to go nuts and kill all these people.

Oh, snap. I love that Morgan is just talking shit to these guys. Keep being awesome crazy Morgan.

There is that herd they have been talking about. Is this bad? Because it seems bad.

OMG. That was insane Rick. They literally just stabbed these people in the back. I know we aren’t supposed to feel bad for them, but these guys didn’t seem all bad. Probably unnecessary.

It’s official, Rick and Morgan are terrible for each other, because there is zero chill in them.


There is gonna be hell to pay now that Negan is home and it sucks to be Simon right about now. Also, who did he pick up on the road?

Mixed Results

I have very mixed feeling on this episode. On the positive side, there were some moments I really enjoyed. Negan is always a treat and he was especially good this week. I love when Rick goes into crazy mode and today was that to the extreme. On the negative side however, did this episode really move the plot anywhere close to a resolution? Not really. Some Savior loose ends were cleaned up, and we saw that helicopter again, but other than that everything is sort of in the same spot. Next week should provide more movement or they are going to have a hard time finishing this up without feeling rushed.

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