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‘Dynasty’ 1×17: 8 Best Moments of “Enter Alexis”

Dynasty Season 1, Episode 17, “Enter Alexis”, aired March 30th, 2018

Last week, we got to see Alexis make her return! Well, for us it was the first time seeing her, but the anticipation sure had been built up. This episode, we got to see just how nasty Alexis can be. It even answered some of our questions on just how Fallon came into her snarky attitude. We think we’ll take Fallon’s version over the overly agressive Alexis. Let’s break down our favorite moments of this week’s episode!

Dynasty 1x17

8. That slap

Okay, so we are putting this on the list because it was such a bad ass move by Fallon. But it’s going at number eight because, come on Fallon! Poor Steven didn’t even see that one coming. Not only that, but we’re not quite sure he deserved it. Okay, so maybe he did a little. But with all the crap Fallon has pulled, she should probably have let things slide with Steven this time. Especially since he forgives her all the time.

Dynasty 1x17

7. Another Fallon/Cristal team up!

We once again get to see Fallon and Cristal take the same side. This time it’s against Alexis and we loved every single moment of it. If these two women continue going up against common enemies, we’re going to get used to the alliance. Hell, we’re already attached! We love that Fallon and Cristal can be on the same side and still bicker back and forth. Yes! This is the relationship we have wanted between the two of them from the very beginning!

Dynasty 1x17

6. Liam keeping it real

We still don’t know much about Liam, except that he is mysterious. While this can normally be pretty alluring, not in this universe! We have been trained for suspicion and Liam is no exception. We knew he was going to keep Fallon on her toes, but we’re starting to think there may be much more going on beneath the surface. You know it’s bad when we start wishing she would hurry up and head back over to the Colby side of things. Yes, we know how bad that would be right now, especially with Jeff acting even crazier than usual. But the suspicion in Liam is keeping us hooked and has the makings of a great story line! We’re here for it!

Dynasty 1x17

5. The Anders mystery

Okay, we know Anders is literally the only truly loyal person in this entire household, all staff and family members included. But there must be something else going on here. There is no way that Anders has been with the Carrington family this long and doesn’t have a nice nest egg of his own all set up. So why does he continue to stay? What exactly has inspired so much loyalty in this deceitful family? This is just one of the many mysteries we can’t wait to discover the answer to! Keep it coming, please!

Dynasty 1x17

4. The Fallon effect

Fallon clearly has a distinct effect on men and it involves driving them crazy. Not just in the good way, either. Fallon has a way of making these men act completely out of the characters we’ve come to know and kind of love. Well, in some cases anyway. But seeing Michael resist her is a bit refreshing. All we’ve seen from the beginning is man after man pursuing Fallon and her happily turning them down. This is one woman who’s ego does not need any stroking. So seeing Michael make an about face and do his best to resist her has us nodding our heads in approval. Seeing Fallon doing the chasing for once is even more satisfying.

Dynasty 1x17

3. Steven on the dark side

We’ve seen Steven make some bad decisions since the beginning of this series. The kind of bad decisions that are hard to watch. Seeing that he may have been in touch with his mother a bit more than he let on, including to the sister he doesn’t have any secrets from? That’s got us intrigued. We want to know more about how long the two of them have been talking, and just what the hell they’ve been talking about!

Dynasty 1x17

2. The reckoning of Blake

What we do not like, is Blake’s new attitude. We’ve gone from hot, sunny weather to an icy tundra. We get that his father just died, but we also know from past knowledge that they really weren’t that close. Tom wasn’t the fuzziest of fathers. Not that this means Blake doesn’t have the right to grieve him, but his snarky and nasty attitude is being less and less appreciated. Not just by us, either. The silver lining to this cold cloud? The fact that sooner or later, Blake is going to get what is coming to him, and it may just be enough to change his attitude and make him realize just how good he has it. Preferably sooner rather than later. We’re also kind of hoping it’s Cristal who gives Blake the reality check.

Dynasty 1x17

1. Alexis, Alexis, Alexis

Listen, she’s evil. We know she is. But that is why it’s so much fun to see her come into this show and wreak her havoc! What’s better is that she can come and go into this show as often as she wants. Do we want her around all the time? Absolutely not! Do we even want her around a lot? Hell no! But when she enters the scene, everybody knows about it. She’s like Godzilla, tearing everything down in her path and just walking away from the destruction with her little dog. That’s okay. We enjoy it while she’s here!

Dynasty 1x17

Well, that’s our list! Did you agree with our picks? Or maybe we left some out! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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