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‘Dynasty’ 1×16: 8 Best Moments of “Poor Little Rich Girl”

Dynasty Season 1, Episode 16, “Poor Little Rich Girl”, aired March 23rd, 2018

If you thought things had reached their boiling point after everything that went down last week, you’ve got another thing coming. There isn’t one character on this show willing to go down without a damn good fight. But when there are so many ways to get even, things are guaranteed to get messy! So let’s discuss our favorite moments of this episode!

Dynasty 1x16

8. The death of Tom Carrington

Okay, we know it’s a little morbid to put someone’s death at the top of the list, but hear us out! Not only was Tom Carrington a total douche and a racist asshole to boot, but his death brought good things. Blake clearly resented his father, something we totally do not blame him for. But the death of Tom brought out some real emotion in Blake. We’re talking real and genuine emotion. We deserve this kind of treat. An honest Blake Carrington can be a good one! We promise!

Dynasty 1x16

7. Cristal’s integrity

Okay, we’ve given Cristal a lot of shit since the beginning of the show. We admit it. But, we can also admit when we judge a little too harshly or quickly. It truly did seem like she was after the Carrington fortune in the beginning. But we have been repeatedly proven wrong and also impressed by how far Cristal is willing to go not only for Blake, but for Fallon and Steven as well. This episode pushed the envelope a bit further and showed us that money literally means nothing to Cristal. Her marriage to Blake is what matters and she will do anything to fix it.

Dynasty 1x16

6. Monica stepping up

Monica has been kind of a backstabbing ass the entire season. Now, we know that Fallon is right up there with her in this, but at least Fallon is charming. Or at least we like to think so. Monica has just seemed shady at every turn and tends to play the victim. This episode kind of turned things around for the young Colby heir. Not only does she lay into her brother for his nonsense, but she takes over guardianship of their father. About time, girl! Instead of trying to tear Fallon down, Monica could due to learn a bit from the other woman.

Dynasty 1x16

5. Cristal’s new do

It seems Cristal has an all new hairstyle to go with her brand new attitude. Not only was she rocking the new wavy style, but she added a cape. That’s right, we said cape! There is nothing that says power quite like donning a cape and we were in full Cristal support mode! If anyone can rock this style, it’s the new Carrington matriarch. Don’t question us, just trust us! You’ll be glad you did.

Dynasty 1x16

4. Anders’ allegiance

We love Anders’ sass and we have since moment one. But he had some new types of moments here, and we think they are going to define him for the rest of the season. Perhaps even the rest of the show. A lot of truths about Tom came to light with the man’s passing and that didn’t exclude Anders learning a thing or two about his former boss. So Anders did the best he could in the situation and has declared himself team Cristal. We may be a bit biased when we say it, but we think you’ve chosen the right team, Anders!

Dynasty 1x16

3. Liam

No, we are not putting him on this list because of his dashing good looks. Okay, maybe we kind of are, but that isn’t the only reason. While we would love for Fallon and Jeff to eventually figure their shit out, that’s something that seems to be in the pretty distant future. If ever. So, if we have to have a love interest for Fallon in the meantime, we couldn’t have picked anyone better than Liam. We think Fallon may have met her match in the man and we don’t think he’s going to be leaving her side any time in the near future. While this could be wishful thinking, we are willing to place bets on Liam sticking around. At least for a little while.

Dynasty 1x16

2. The return of the matriarch

The time has finally come. With everything else going on, we didn’t get to see a lot, but it has come nonetheless. Alexis Carrington is back and she couldn’t have chosen a worse time to make her return. Which, we’re sure, is precisely why she chose this moment to enter center stage. Alexis’ return is being added to the list because it was amazing in all its glory and also because the anticipation of what will happen with her in the coming episodes has us on the edge of our seats. Give us what you’ve got, Alexis!

Dynasty 1x16

1. The proposal

You had to know Steven’s proposal to Sam would make the top of our list. Come on! Anytime these two do something, it’s going to have us swooning. Quite frankly, we have to restrain ourselves from adding their every glance to our list. Yes, they are in fact that amazing and their chemistry is that explosive. But on top of that, this was one of the most beautiful and precious proposals we have ever seen. Yes, we went there. Yes, we are saying it. It at least deserves to go in the top ten television proposals ever. If you don’t believe us, just go watch it. We guarantee you will be doing so more than once!

Dynasty 1x16

Well, that’s our list! Did you agree with our picks? Or maybe we left some out! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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