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‘Dynasty’ 1×15: 8 Best Moments of “Our Turn Now”

Dynasty Season 1, Episode 15, “Our Time Now”, aired March 16th, 2018

Not only did we get a Cristal and Fallon team up, but we came this close to Fallon and Jeff getting married. While we will gladly agree that this would be a horrible idea at the moment, we’re still holding out some hope for Jeff. We’re completely banking on his father’s influence blinding him. We know, we’re a little delusional. It’s fine. Add in a heart attack and some Steven and Sam love, and you’ve got our episode! So let’s discuss our favorite moments, shall we?

Dynasty 1x15

8. The outfits

From Fallon’s wedding dress to Sam’s jacket, we were literally in love with every article of clothing from this episode. We are gonna need their fashion designer added to our contacts list immediately. When clothing details such as the stitching on a jacket have you falling in love, you know something has been done right! This show has absolutely graced us with beauty and fashion, but this episode raised the bar!

Dynasty 1x15

7. Fallon’s ploys

Fallon owns it every single week, but this week she even outdid herself. Not only did she have Jeff by the balls, but she had her father as well. Fallon even played her cards right and had Cristal backing her every move. Not without her fair share of sass of course, but still an impressive feat. We thought for sure Fallon would bank on her father stopping the wedding, which he did. But we never expected Fallon to continue anyway as all part of a bigger plan. A marriage that wasn’t valid anyway because Fallon was already married?! Damn, woman!

Dynasty 1x15

6. Sam and Steven

Do we really need a reason to love these two? Aren’t their appearances on screen every week enough? Of course they are! But this week was exceptionally enthralling. Not only did we get to see Steven putting Sam first, above everything and everybody else. But we also finally got to see Steven lay it all out on the line. Sam did as well, but he is one to wear his heart on his sleeve. Steven has been a bit more reserved and certainly hasn’t come right out and stated his feelings the way he did in this episode. A love confession is just what the doctor ordered! Sam and Steven fulfilled the prescription in full and we were big piles of mush because of it! We want more!

Dynasty 1x15

5. Cristal/Fallon team up

We love both of these fearless and fierce women. They both know what they want and do whatever is necessary to get it. But when the two of them combine forces? Well, that’s a whole other thing entirely! This team up had us all kinds of giddy and rooting for it to happen again. Soon!

Dynasty 1x15

4. Blake played

Blake has pretty much treated every other character on this show as a pawn at one point or another. Hell, some of them he hasn’t stopped treating like a pawn yet. He’s used to getting his way every time and rarely, if ever, hears the word no. But this week, he got a big dose of his own medicine. Blake thought he and Fallon were on the same page and side until Fallon and Cristal turned that idea right over. Don’t mess with these women, Blake. You’ll get what’s coming to you if you stand in their way.

Dynasty 1x15

3. Fallon in charge

We know, we’ve talked a lot about Fallon in this list, but that woman was on top this episode. Fallon is pretty much on top in every episode, but this one took the cake. The wedding cake! Not only does Fallon have her company back, but she has a quarter of the ownership of Jeff’s as well. Now that’s some good business. Besides that, Fallon pulled a fast one and got herself married to Liam before her wedding to Jeff. So that kind of made it a non wedding. Does the bad assery never stop?! Not with this one!

Dynasty 1x15

2. Cristal’s power

Cristal hasn’t taken much of Blake’s crap. But she does seem to always forgive him rather quickly without really making him work for it. So we were pretty pleased to see Cristal show a bit more of her worth in this episode. She wasn’t playing this week, except while figuring out her plan with Fallon. Now that was some good game playing!

Dynasty 1x15

1. Everything Sam

You had to know that Sam would be the top of our list. Not only did he have some fantastic moments with Steven that had our hearts pattering, but he had some amazing individual moments as well. Then there was his on point snark with Fallon that had us cracking up. This was all topped off by his above and beyond outfits that had us fanning ourselves to calm down! Work it, Sam!

Dynasty 1x15

Well, that’s our list! Did you agree with our picks? Or maybe we left some out! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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