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‘Agents of SHIELD’ 5×15: 9 best moments

Agents of SHIELD 5×15 recap, Season 5, Episode 15, “Rise and Shine,” Aired March 30, 2018

A Hydra and SHIELD team up?! Holy crap. A war is coming and Hale thinks that the only way to survive is if SHIELD and Hydra team up, but Coulson (and us) are not quite convinced. We also get a super cool Hydra flashback!

Let’s look at the 9 best moments from from Agents of SHIELD 5×15!

#1 Hale Hydra. General Hale gets a backstory! In the present day, Hale is a stern, no nonsense General and her younger self is no different. In a flashback to Hydra’s finishing school, Hale fights to be at the head of her class, but she doesn’t get to be the leader she dreamed of – she gets to be the leader’s mom. That’s right, Hale was chosen to give birth to the new leader of Hydra. There were so many great callbacks to Hydra of days past, and it made us realize how much we missed all of the squid talk.

#2 Ruby! She may be crazy and a murderous Hydra princess, but she is a total bad-ass. Also, Cross-fit Tinkerbell might be the best description of Dove Cameron EVER. Ruby is Hale’s daughter, and this episode hints at the idea that she was born to lead Hydra some day. She definitely has the cold, soulless stare of a Hydra agent down, but there is a rebel streak in there that makes her a little more interesting – like her refusal to kill her dog. (WTF is that about Hyrda?!)

#3 Talbot. We finally learn what happened to Talbot after LMD Daisy shot him! It’s super sad that he lost his family, but we love that despite everything, he still stands firm against Hydra.

#4 Coulson checks Hale. Coulson refuses to fall into the continental breakfast ploy and we love him for it. He grabs his cereal and heads back to his room. Nicely done, Coulson.

#5 Daisy quakes Fitz. We love Fitz and kinda understand why he did what he did (even if we don’t agree with it), but we can all agree that he deserved to be quaked into the wall by Daisy. It’s also nice to see her have her powers back.

#6 Alien time! Hale lets Coulson in on what she has been up to, and honestly, we don’t know what to think. She zaps them to meet with an alien whose identity is still a secret. Hale keeps on saying that there is a war coming, but this probs won’t sway Coulson to side with Hydra. Sorry, Hale.

#7 Yo-Yo gets arms! Our fierce and fab favorite, Yo-Yo, has been having some terrible luck lately, but this week, she got new arms! It will be an adjustment for sure, but we can’t wait to see her with some bad-ass robot arms!

#8 Destroyer of Worlds? So, who will go in the Hydra chamber? Ruby has been bred for it from the start and has her sights set on being the Destroyer of Worlds, but Hale wants Daisy for that role. So THIS is where that title comes from. With Ruby’s obsession with Daisy, and the team fighting to change the timeline, it seems like we are heading for an epic Ruby/Daisy showdown for the fate of the future.

#9 Fitzsimmons, fate, and Deke! Fitz is still locked up for his actions in the last episode, but his wifey pops in to hang. She tells him the truth about Deke. Fitz’s reaction is hilarious, but after the shock fades, they realize why that’s so significant. If Fitz’s theory is correct and time can’t be changed, that means that no matter what happens, they make it to the lighthouse in the future. This theory feels like it is destined to fail and end in heartache for all. Sigh, welcome to SHIELD.

This episode was packed with lots of Hydra throwbacks and hints about future episodes! We also can’t help but wonder if this impending war that Hale keeps talking about has anything to do with Thanos and his plans for Earth in Infinity War. We can’t wait to find out!

What did you think of this episode? Hit the comments and tell us!

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