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‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×15 recap: “Sisterhood”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 15, “Sisterhood,” aired March 30, 2018.

So this episode definitely did not end how I expected it to. Also, I was totally wrong about Gothel being the witch killer, so there is also that fact. Nonetheless, there were some lighter times scattered throughout this episode. For example, Henry and Rogers bromance is something that I really like because how can’t you? Let’s dig in!

Gretel vs. Ivy


Back in the EF, Gothel has chosen a band of witches to fulfill her awfulness. As they all break away, a witch approaches Ivy. That witch is none other than Gretel. An interesting twist to that tale…who’d ever thought that Gretel would ever be a witch? Well, she’s out to find a family because hers was taken away from her, and she thinks the coven would be the perfect place. I’m not sure that’s such sound and logical thinking, but whatever, Gretel.

They agree to work together because at least someone realizes that Gothel isn’t to be trusted. It all seems to be going well—they’re forming their own sisterhood. They don’t need Gothel and the other witches to bond them to a family unit. And for a second, I totally thought things would be okay. I know, nothing can ever be that simple in this show. Gothel pays Ivy a visit and tells her to get rid of Gretel, but Ivy doesn’t want to. Sounds like Ivy has her head on straight as she’s trying to be a decent person. However, Gothel also visited Gretel with the same mini trident to kill Ivy. Ivy doesn’t want to have to kill Gretel, but with the stakes high (aka Gretel trying to murder Ivy), she has no choice but to stab Gretel in the back. Literally.

Regina forever hating Ivy


Regina’s reasoning for hating Ivy is totally sound. She did send them to Hyperion and put a deadly curse on her son. I wouldn’t be too happy with her if I was Regina either. When Ivy rushes to Regina for protection after she’s attacked by the masked figure, she’s hesitant to help her, but does anyway.

Meanwhile, Regina teams up with Rumple again to solve some mysteries. Side note: did anyone else tear up when Rumple was gluing THE teacup back together? Because same. By the end of the episode, Regina vows to Ivy that they will defeat the curse. After all, it is what OUAT does best.

Operation Bromance


It’s a night out on the town for the guys. Henry and Rogers end up at an arcade where we learn Rogers is a pinball kind of guy. Also, why don’t people hang out at arcades anymore? We should bring that back because it looked really fun. So they’re having some fun, but then Henry confides in Rogers about his feels. That’s when Jack walks in and tells Henry he needs to get back in the game. Henry agrees, and he says that whomever walks in the door next will be the woman he asks out on a date. Not surprisingly, guess who walks in? That’s right! Jacinda. I know, I was just as shocked as all of you…

Now if that’s not fate, I really don’t know what is. Henry and Jacinda wind up chilling at the bar together, and there is, indeed, talk about fairytales. Henry may be cursed, but do you think they can just magic away his love for fairytales? That guy has loved them since forever. Jacinda isn’t really falling for his talk, and she makes the most valid point ever: glass slippers seem useless. Same though. I’m glad it’s not just me who thought that. Seems like they might hurt! Jacinda tells Henry that if he can get the coin in the cup across the bar, then fate is totally a thing. He doesn’t. Thus concludes the only fate was that Sabine picked out a place next door to where Henry was hanging out.

Sister, Sister


My thoughts over Ivy kept flip flopping this episode. She made one thing clear: she’s not the best sister in the world, but there is always room for redemption. We see Ivy and Ana as young girls where they used to be super close. However, time passed and their mother’s love for Ana soured their relationship. This made Ivy vengeful, as we have seen this season. This is evident when we see Ivy basically drug Ana and use some weird voodoo from Facilier. Ivy actually confesses that one of them has to die, and it sure as heck won’t be her. Yeah, I feel like there’s other ways to go about things than kill your sister, Ivy.

Ana wakes up, however, putting everything off axis. Facilier is a little shook by this all because it wasn’t his doing. He escapes somewhere, and in his place comes Gothel. Gosh, why is she always around? Ugh. Gothel tries to force Ana into killing Ivy because she’s been an awful sister. I mean, she’s not wrong. But Ana is too good for that, and the sisters put aside their malice to form their strong sisterhood from when they were kids. They use the magic bean to go back to the other realm, escaping before the curse can even be broken. Which is kind of unfair because Ivy was the one who cast it, and she’s leaving the mess for everyone else to clean up. I was actually surprised that she ended up surviving this episode.

What is happening!?


This ending has me so freaking annoyed. At Jack, specifically. He does put up a good show, and I kind of figured he was shady, but I had been hoping I was wrong. I wasn’t wrong; I knew my hunch against him was correct. The guys all end their night of bromancing to find Jack’s tire has been blown out. Rogers offers to help him, but he shrugs it off and insists he’ll be alright. The only reason he shrugged off his help was because he’s the freaking witch killer! Practically said it himself when he said the killer was probably right under Roger’s nose. Goodness. Why Jack, why!? I thought you were Henry’s friend back in the other realm?

We said goodbye to some characters tonight, but thankfully it wasn’t a tearful goodbye. I really did enjoy Ivy’s character this season. She was complex and interesting, so it’s sad to see her go. Nonetheless, looks like we have some action to look forward to next week. What were your thoughts about this episode? Sound off below!

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