‘Gotham’ recap: 4×16 “One of My Three Soups”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 16, “One of My Three Soups,” Aired March 29, 2018

Harvey and Jim are back in action together, and Bruce and Selina almost have multiple sweet moments. Both Jim and Bruce feel like they’re responsible for bad things, and they drive their buddies crazy. However, Harvey is more willing than Selina to stick around. He and Jim share a drink and have a heart-to-heart, while Selina leaves Bruce to brood on his own. And the event that the episode is centered around: A mass breakout from Arkham Asylum, led by some familiar faces.

Arkham’s best

Gotham 4x16 recap One of My Three Soups Arkham breakout courtesy of Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, and Jerome

The Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, and our faux Joker break 87 patients out of Arkham, and it is all too easy. The Mad Hatter’s hypnotism is extremely effective as he tries to get his revenge on Jim for his sister, Alice. However, I must say, his rhyming is impressive.

Harvey gets hypnotized for the second time this half-season. He lets himself be hypnotized by the Mad Hatter in order to help Jim find and take him down, so at least it was deliberate this time. And with Harvey’s help, Jim is able to save the population of Gotham from killing themselves.

“Save each other.” Wise words, Jim Gordon.

Gotham 4x16 recap One of My Three Soups Jervis Tetch the Mad Hatter rhymes

But not wise enough. The Mad Hatter was merely a distraction, and Jerome’s plan is still, apparently, on track. More on that next week!

The first female Demon’s Head

Barbara’s migraines are actually her memories coming through, but every time she tries to reach the memories, the pain worsens. The pain keeps the memories at bay at first, but with some tough talk from Tabitha, Barbara pushes through to remember Ra’s al Ghul bringing her back to life.

Turns out Ra’s al Ghul told her that she would become the Demon’s Head and that the League of Shadows would be hers to control. Ominous – yup. Creepy – yup.

Gotham 4x16 recap One of My Three Soups Barbara Keane is the Demon's Head

Despite the League not being exactly welcoming to her leadership, she takes control. She calls out the weakness of most of the League (cough, cough men), who are then killed by the sisters of the League. Another badass group of women. Oh, yes!

“Your ego, Bruce. It’s huge.”

Remember Bruce’s acting lessons from Alfred all those weeks ago? Those skills come in handy when Bruce and Selina break into Jim’s office to steal Jerome’s file. Those skills allow Selina to escape undetected.

Why steal the file? Well, Bruce feels like he’s responsible for Jerome since their little showdown all those episodes ago.

Gotham 4x16 recap One of My Three Soups Bruce Wayne confronts Jerome again

This sense of responsibility doesn’t fade, especially after Bruce’s mini-showdown with Jerome in a diner. Selina gets fed up with Bruce thinking he’s responsible for everything, so she leaves him to do what he feels he needs to.

Gotham 4x16 recap One of My Three Soups BatCat we almost had a moment

We almost had, like, 2 moments. sigh

A taste for human flesh

Jerome hides out with his uncle, but his uncle isn’t really cool with that. Jerome reveals that his uncle, the cook, once dipped Jerome’s hand in boiling chicken stock, and Jerome took a liking to that burning flesh smell. So it’s only fitting that Jerome’s uncle’s revenge involves pouring burning soup on Jerome’s face.

Gotham 4x16 recap One of My Three Soups Selina saves Bruce from Jerome

Bruce saves Jerome, who kills his uncle and stands there laughing as Bruce gets beaten up. Luckily, it’s Selina to the rescue. But Bruce just won’t let himself be rescued, so he makes things complicated between him and Jerome again, letting Jerome escape as he stops Selina from killing him. All Gotham’s Jerome problems could have been solved for good, as Selina points out, but Bruce had to save him. Bruce Wayne just can’t stop playing hero.


Next week, they’re teasing a plot to expose the real Joker! We’ve all known for some time that Jerome is not the real Joker, and it looks like we might finally be delving into that plot. Next week also marks the return of The Riddler, which probably means the return of Penguin as well. And we’ll get to see more of Jerome’s plan in action, since it is still on track. I look forward to this epic villain team-up next week, as the three masterminds recruit more familiar villains for their cause. Looks like the GCPD will have their hands full.


Next week:

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