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‘Riverdale’ 2×17: 12 best moments from “The Noose Tightens”

Riverdale Season 2, Episode 17, “Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens,” Aired March 28, 2018

The ships are sailing and we are so happy! Cheryl is still locked away, but she has not been forgotten. Things in the Lodge family are getting crazy, Archie is turning his friends into Mortal Kombat characters vigilante thugs (and we hate it), and the Serpents are saving the day! Let’s break it all down!

12 best moments from Riverdale 2×17:

#1 Student election chuckles. Reggie calling out Bughead and Varchie for being over the top dramatic was accurate AF.

#2 FP and Alice interaction. Can we just stop and appreciate that the first thing Alice did when she was in trouble was call FP? We need a FP and Alice flashback ASAP.


#3 Toni not giving up on Cheryl. YASSSS! We are so ready for Toni to bust in and save her girl. We are ready!

#4 Bughead being their rebellious selves. Okay, investigating the murder that they helped cover up is a little risky, but it’s exactly what they should be doing. If they sat in the trailer and didn’t ask any questions, that would raise even more suspicions.

#5 Mrs. Blossom. We hate her , but she may be the only parent in town that doesn’t involve the teens in everything. And she had that drawing of Josie close by. She was ready!


#6 Nana Rose gets bold! Yes! This woman isn’t going to sit silent while Cheryl suffers! She risks it all to contact Toni! Yay Nana!

#7 Betty’s backup. Chic’s drama has gotten the Cooper’s into another tense situation and we were really worried that those creeps weren’t going to leave. Seeing the Serpents bust in and save the day was such a huge sigh of relief!

#8 Veronica and Toni to the rescue! Dressed in their fiercest sleek, black outfits, these girls are on a mission to save Cheryl from that horrid place. We could have watched an entire episode of just this!


#9 CHONI KISS! OMG, OMG, OMG! We knew that this rescue was going to be epic, but having Cheryl and Toni share their first kiss against the backdrop of the gay conversion video was EPIC!

#10 Mama Andrews calling Archie out. We are not down with Archie’s latest turn in Season 2. The Lodges own him and it sucks. We miss the Season 1 Archie that would never side against his Dad. So Mrs. Andrews, thank you for telling him he sucks now.

#11 Alice goes home. The Serpents came through for Alice in a big way and we are so happy to see her show her appreciation. Did FP throw his gum because it was old or did he throw it because he was going to go make out with his one true love? We are going with the second option!

#12 Carrie the musical. We are so, so ready to see Cheryl take the stage and sing her heart out! Bring it on!

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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