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‘Once Upon a Time’: Emma and Captain Swan finale theories and thoughts

Jennifer Morrison is back!

Emma Swan dons her red leather jacket for the last time, and I couldn’t be more excited for it! However, the sneak peek pictures we got have me wondering: what is happening? From Emma’s ballgown dress, to the child safety thing on Killian’s hook…I am perplexed. By perplexed, I also mean so freaking ready. Seriously, I checked my timeline during a break in class, and the photo has just been released, but I couldn’t fangirl over it properly! So without further ado, here are my thoughts and theories in regards to Emma and Captain Swan. Also, considering Jen filmed in her red leather jacket and that dress, I think we can expect to see a couple scenes with our favorite Savior and our favorite pirate!

It’s OG Emma and Killian


I’ve seen some musings of Emma and Killian being the wish realm versions of themselves, but I personally think that is not the case. One dead giveaway: the scar on Killian’s face that Rogers does not have. Also, there is only one Emma Swan in the world. I have no doubt that we are seeing our beloved Once Upon a Time couple on our screens again. Have I mentioned I am excited to have these two back for one last journey? Because, I am. I’m like super duper excited. My friend (and Twitter feed) can attest to that because I totally didn’t shove my laptop in my friend’s face when I first saw the picture of Emma and Killian. Nope, I am a completely calm Captain Swan shipper…Who am I kidding here?

That is totally a child safety proof thing on his hook


So that pink thing on Killian’s hook….Yeah, let’s talk about that. My first thought was “omg they child proofed his hook!,” which made me the most happy fangirl ever. I mean, Emma and Killian actively child proofed his hook for their baby. And by the looks of it, the object is pink, which makes me think that they ended up having a baby girl. Can you imagine them with a baby girl? Like Killian taking the baby from Emma’s arms and calling her “little love.” Or, Emma dressing their daughter up as a pirate, and Killian dressing her up as a princess in turn. Okay, totally getting way over my head right now. Sorry not sorry. That needs to be canon. I won’t accept anything else.

Happy beginning is still strong


Unsurprisingly, Killian and Emma are definitely keeping their happy beginning intact. They are totally living the happy married life with a child. Doesn’t that make you just so happy? I’m really letting my fangirl shine through right now, but let me have this moment. They’ve come so far since the show began. They were continually at each other’s throats, literally, and now they’re married with a family. That is what I call character development on both of their parts. It’s so beautiful that I want to cry. If you watch them falling in love, it really shows how much they’ve come to care and love one another. Seriously, just rewatch season 3 and you will totally see it. They cannot be pulled apart.

They’re vacationing to the EF


As we saw in the picture with Cinderella, Emma and Killian, they were dressed as if they were in the Enchanted Forest. The dress, the pirate outfit, my heart! Here’s my theory, and hear me out. I’m not sure what the event may be, but obviously it’s pretty fancy, so I think transport between the realms is possible now. Freely possible. I think Emma and Killian took their daughter (still convinced it’s a girl) for a little trip to the EF. Do I think they are for sure leaving Storybrooke? I don’t know, but I have always been a fan of them staying in Storybooke. It’s where everything happened, and I really love it! However, if they wind back up in the EF, that’s fine. As long as they’re all together you won’t hear complaints from me.

We still have quiet some time until the series finale, but it’s never too early to get excited about it. Emma and Captain Swan is back, so obviously I am pretty pumped about it. I mean, duh. I am Captain Swan trash. What do you think will transpire in the finale? Sound off below or tweet me!

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Feature image via Jennifer Morrison’s Instagram


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