‘The Good Doctor’ 1×18 recap: “More”

The Good Doctor 1×18 recap: Season 1, Episode 18, “More” aired March 26, 2018.

What a season finale, but what a cliffhanger as well. I guess we can’t get everything we wanted in this episode, so I’ll take what I can get. This was such an emotional episode for a lot of reasons. Seriously, why do I torture myself with this every week? Because I love it, and the cast is amazing.

Heartbreak everywhere

We left off last episode with some pretty tragic news in terms of Glassman. He has a severe case of brain cancer that is limiting his life span. Shaun isn’t taking it too well, which makes sense because Glassman is like a dad to him. I hated seeing Shaun’s reaction to the news because he wanted to help so bad. It broke my heart. The scene where he was frantically trying to come up with something that would help Glassman tore me apart. Glassman already accepted his fate, but Shaun wasn’t ready.

Glassman tells him that all he wants to do is go to the Super Bowl. When Shaun points out that it’s not that season, he realizes that Glassman wants to just live up his last few moments on this Earth. So they go to a merry-go-round, which let’s be real, that is totally my version of fun as well. However, the conversation that takes place on it is anything but fun. We get a glimpse into Glassman’s life with his daughter, whom has passed away. We don’t know what happened, and even though it’ll hurt to find out, I am interested to know what happened to her. That was another tear jerker too because Glassman has had quite the rough life. Happiness please.

Frat boys in trouble

We have all seen movies where frat initiation takes place. This initiation for the college student proves to be fatal. As the doctors work to get him to a better state, they have to coax the friend for information. Park isn’t too helpful with that, but Jared gets the guy to talk. It turns out that his friend ate a lot of laundry detergent. Ring any bells? I wonder if they integrated that storyline in with that whole people were eating Tide pods thing. It also teaches an important lesson though about the hazards of initiation.

Something goes awry during the procedure, and they have to consider different alternatives. The only problem is they have to make sure they’re able to do it with whatever may be in the guy’s blood stream. Aka, they suspect there might be drugs in the patient’s system. Park tells Jared that it’s one thing to confess to something legal, it’s another thing to confess to something that is illegal. So, they trick the guy a little by giving him a blood test, which maybe wasn’t the best solution. Turns out, the patient does, indeed, have, I believe it was molly, in his system. Nonetheless, the team pulls through and saves the guy’s life.

Melendez, though

I just want to take this section to commemorate Melendez’s character growth because he has really changed throughout the season. He was so arrogant when we first met him, and he was also quick to put down Shaun. This episode was a game changer for that. Melendez steps out of the operation room and puts Shaun as the lead surgeon. Can you actually believe that? I’m telling you, he has come a long way. It gets better though. Near the end of the episode, he has Shaun assist him, working side-by-side, and it’s literally the sweetest thing ever.

Don’t get me wrong; Melendez has not gone soft though. In fact, he’s not afraid to put Morgan in her place. When Melendez congratulates the team for a successful surgery and offers to buy them drinks, Morgan’s quick to interject and tell him they hit a road block though. While the rest of the team takes a leave, Melendez tells her that he hopes someday, when she messes up on a surgery, that there is a team that will be there for her. Get it, Melendez. What he says rings true though. No matter what, he has his team’s back, and I think that’s an important aspect of his character. So Morgan can just shut up because she sucks. Anyway.

It’s just the beginning

During surgery, Shaun proves to be a bit distracted, and this causes him to flub up during the surgery. The team insists that he would never do it on purpose. Of course, Morgan is all gungho for turning Shaun into Andrews, but Claire is pretty quick to shut her up. Seriously, Claire is always sticking up for Shaun, and that is the true friendship that he needs in his life. More scenes with them please. They decide to let it go. After all, the patient is going to be fine. Andrews, on the other hand, finds out about it, and he is doing everything in his power to prove that Shaun isn’t worthy. Honestly, what is this guy’s deal? I cannot stand Andrews lately.

Glassman is all good and well as we see in the finale, but he’s not completely out of the woods. In fact, it took Shaun telling Jessica for it to be found out that he has some time left after all. Shaun wants Jessica to manipulate Glassman into getting a second opinion, and Glassman wasn’t too happy about that. Nevertheless, he does and it’s the same bad news. Until it isn’t. We find out at the end that he’ll have to go through surgery and extensive chemo, but he’s clear as of the moment. It’ll just take time. Glassman and Shaun seem to be back in a good place after that, and Shaun tells Glassman he would like to tell Andrews about his mishap in surgery. Oh, Shaun, you are much too pure. The season ends with them walking to the office of Andrews with Shaun and Glassman exchanging ‘I love yous.’ My heart.

What a great season! I am so happy that it will be returning for a second season. Although, the wait is going to be rather awful, but we’re used to it. What did you think of the finale? Sound off below!

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