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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 3×16 “I, Ava”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 16, “I, Ave” Aired March 26, 2018.

Tonight’s episode of Legends featured exactly what Sara, Gary, and the whole world wanted- Ava Lance galore! That’s right, we had a whole night dedicated to Jes Macallan! I would like to thank the  LOT writer’s room, for such a gift.

I mean, other things happened to, totems and what not. Let’s discuss.

1. Mollus’ power grows.


Two parallel story lines are happening in this episode. The first one centers around Amaya, Kuasa, Wally, and Nate. As Mollus’ powers grow, both future and past totem bearers begin to feel it. Time begins to cave in on itself and changes the life of one totem bearer, but not the one you think.

Mollus’ ownership of the totem in the past means Amari, Amaya’s granddaughter never gets it. She is a vigilante without powers. She suffers and injury in Detroit. Nate and Wally go to investigate and make sure she is okay.

They run into an unlikely person, Kuasa. Kuasa is surprisingly there to protect her sister! She decides for the good of her family’s legacy she will help them get the Earth totem from the Dahrks.

2. Where is Ava Sharpe?


The second story is the case of the missing Ava! Gary appears on the Waverider. He asks Sara if she has seen Ava. Sara replies, as our hearts break again,

“No. I haven’t seen her Gary, we broke up.”

Gary responds as if it is coming directly from our mouths,

“What? No! I ship you two so hard!”

Truer words have never been said. Ray realizes that is why Sara is acting weird. Gary tells Sara that no one has seen Ava and they are worried. Sara and Ray agree to help him look for her. I would like to point out that it took Sara less than two seconds to say she would help look. 

3. Who is Director Sharpe?

The three go on the hunt. Apparently Ava’s parents live in Fresno. Here is what the Legends learn when they visit.

  1. The two people that answer the door are actors. Ava’s parents don’t exist.
  2. They were hired 4 years ago.
  3. Sara and Ray now think Ava is an anachronism.

Boy, are they wrong. There is one year the Time Bureau are not allowed to travel to. Ray believes they should travel to that time period, because the Director is the only one who could have made it a no fly zone.

4. The death that will alter history.


Nate tries to stop the Dahrks. Of course he fails. When are they going to learn they can’t take them on separately? Kuasa turns Nate over in exchange for the Earth totem.

Shockingly, she does actually give the totem to Amaya. Amaya asks her to help and she says no. Amaya and Wally must rescue Nate.

Nate however, seems to be doing fine. He and Damien chat about their woes. Damien is stressed about Mollus taking over Nora. Hayewood acts as his springboard.

  • Kuasa arrives to help save everyone.
  • She dies protecting her grandmother.
  • Amaya is mad as hell!

Wally whisks everyone away to safety. I wish Wally would have let Amaya stay. I have a feeling psycho Amaya would have been fun to watch!

5. Ava learns the truth.

Ray, Gary, and Sara end up in a time with a bunch of Avas. Yes it does sound good but not in this case. They learn Ava is a clone. Sara believes she lied to her.


Sorry, that got aggressive for a minute. I am still very sad about Sara’s odd breakup. The real Ava shows up and is devastated.

Sara promises they will find out why Rip kept this from them.

What did you think of this episode? Were your theories about Ava right?

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