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‘Agents of SHIELD’ 5×14: 9 best moments

Agents of SHIELD 5×14 recap, Season 5, Episode 14, “The Devil Complex,” Aired March 23, 2018

That episode hit us right in the feels and we didn’t expect it at all! From the previews of this episode, we knew that The Doctor was making a return, but we had no idea it was going to be THAT! Things got crazy so let’s break down the 9 best moments!

9 Best Moments from “The Devil Complex”

#1 Deke’s worry. Now that Deke has figured out that his grandparents are Fitzsimmons, he is very concerned about them. It might be self serving, but we still like to bask in it’s adorableness.

#2 Fitz vs. Fitz. Okay, okay – we know that he is the absolute worst, but we love this dark take on Fitz. And the best part of all of it, is seeing our Fitz face off against his Framework dark side. Facing your demons – literally.

#3 General vs. General. Coulson and General Hale finally face to face and it’s almost as rewarding as the Fitz and Fitz showdown. While Coulson thinks he captured Hale, she actually allowed him to catch her. She claims that they need to team up to save humanity. But can we trust her?

#4 LMD Russian! Like The Doctor, we love to hate this guy. He is working with Hale and is super shady, but he is also so nice to look at.

#5 Holy sh*t, Fitz. The Doctor isn’t an anomaly – IT IS FITZ! Regular Fitz was trying to figure out a way to contain the Gravitonium and The Doctor is a part of him. The Doctor is calling the shots in Fitz’s head! Even after Simmons figures it out, Fitz must proceed, despite the risks to Daisy. He extracts Daisy’s inhibitor as she begs him to stop. Not good.

#6 Broken Fitz. Leaving the Framework has had lasting effect on our dear, sweet Fitz unlike anything we could have predicted. He isn’t just seeing The Doctor. He is him. And he has zero regrets about what he did to secure the Gravitonium and the Fear Dimension.

#7 Fitzsimmons, NO! For better or worse includes evil alter egos right? Until Deke goes “poof” – we have hope!

#8 Deke and his Grams! Oh, the feels! Simmons is crushed after realizing what Fitz has become and Deke goes to talk to her. He tells her about his Grandparents (that he knows to be Fitzsimmons) and it’s heartbreaking.

#9 General Hale’s real agenda. We had a feeling she might be Hydra, but now we know! Ugh, go away!

WOW. That was way more intense than we thought it would be! Who was the mystery man with Hale? What is going to happen with the Daisy/Fitz friendship now? Will Fitzsimmons make up? Ahhhhh!

What did you think of this episode? Hit the comments and tell us!

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