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‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×14 recap: “The Girl in the Tower”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 14, “The Girl in the Tower,” aired March 23, 2018.

This episode was so sweet. Also, we had mentions of Emma in it, which I am so here for. We also got to know more about Alice and Robyn. While they’ve been on our screens, we don’t know much about them. It was interesting to see how they met. And let’s not forget the amazing team-up between Henry and Rogers! Also, a moment to appreciate stupid Gothel wasn’t in this episode.

Poor Alice/Tilly


The episode starts out with a somber moment. Alice is locked away in the tower with nobody to keep her company. We see her with a cupcake and candle, and it turns out it’s her birthday. My heart skips for her because it’s just too sad. But as soon as she blows out the candle and makes a wish, her wish comes true. You know this show is fantasy when that happens because my candle wishes have never come true. Wouldn’t that be amazing if they did though? Anyway, a troll appears, and with that, Tilly is lifted to freedom. However, sometimes with freedom, loneliness still lingers.

We’re all mad here


As I mentioned before, this episode we got to see how Alice and Robyn ended up finding each other. And it wasn’t smooth sailing at first. But is it ever? I mean, looking at the various ships from the show’s past, it’s safe to say it wasn’t love at first sight. Emma threatened Killian with a knife; Charming trapped Snow in a net; Robin believed Regina was evil….Robyn turns her bow on Alice when she sees Alice lingering by the gang, lingering her sight on her papa to be exact. However, Robyn doesn’t really care about the reason. So she traps Alice with some Nook and Nobin exchanges.

The two wind up in a bit of trouble later on. Robyn is determined to slain the troll that’s been ruining the villages, but Alice insists that the troll is friendly. That the troll is her friend. Into a tavern they march where they get thrown into the dungeon. Talk about bad luck. Robyn divulges that even though in Storybrooke she had a lot of people to lean on, it still felt lonely. She didn’t really dig small town life. Hence why she ran off to the other realm. Since Robyn is Robin Hood’s daughter, she does have some wits to herself in regards to breaking out of the chains. And what does she do when she’s free? She leaves Alice alone! Right after Robyn says that Alice must feel awful being locked up again. Cold, Robyn. Real cold. Also, Robyn reveals that she once tried stealing Emma’s bug in Storybrooke before she was caught. That’s right; Emma is still on her game. Not surprised though. Robyn just wants to live up to her father’s legacy as the all-great Robin Hood. RIP, Robin.

Operation yikes


Regina and Lucy begin their operation. Unlike Henry, Lucy isn’t that much of a fan of walkie talkies. I mean, in the world of modern technology, why not utilize your cellphone? So, they set off to find out what Facilier is hiding. To do this, it requires Regina to work her magic…I mean seduction, on the man. As soon as the two goes out the door for a lunch date, Lucy sneaks into his apartment. Which ends up not being such a great idea.

While out on their date, Zelena runs into them, and she is not exactly happy that Regina is with him. Same, girl, same. She’s also not happy with the fact that Regina sent Lucy into the snake’s den. Like I said, totally not a great idea. It gets worse though because Facilier goes home without Regina, and Lucy is still in the apartment. Thankfully, Facilier does not notice Lucy hiding under his table. How don’t you notice someone under your table? Real talk. It isn’t until the end of the episode we fid out what Facilier really wants. Yep, you guessed it: the Dark One dagger. Sigh. I think there needs to be a way that the dang dagger can just be destroyed without repercussions.

Detective and author team-up


A team-up I didn’t know I needed before it happened. The two men working together is my jam. Rogers, Henry and Tilly work together to prove Tilly’s innocence. It’s not such an easy task, however. Rogers and Henry set off to do detective things, but off the record detective things. Now, I am not a detective and I don’t know much about law enforcement, but I’m almost positive Rogers is breaking a few laws. (I do know about media law, which is probably not helpful in this case.) Whatever, it’s fictional. Tilly is not game for sitting around and doing nothing, so she goes out to prove her innocence.

Unfortunately, Tilly doesn’t have a great go of things. When she wanders into the supermarket where she believes she went, she realizes that nobody knows who she is. It’s almost like she was invisible. Aw, poor Tilly. Breaking my heart. Magic and innocence is never too far away though. Tilly goes to visit the stone troll in Hyperion. That’s when things start looking up. Just as Rogers pulls up, Tilly notices a red flashing light in the troll’s eyes. Yay! It ends up being a security cam that has Tilly’s innocence on camera. Modern technology for the win. As she heads home, Rogers ends up in her makeshift home with her book bag. Then he offers her a spare room at his place because he’s worried about her being out with the murderer at large. Awwww. They need to wake up.

Quiet moments for like a sec


While talking to the troll, Alice meets Robyn, or should I say Margot. She’s back home from her travels. Margot winds up at Regina’s bar and is surprised to see her mom and aunt in the same room again. Right. She’s under the curse still.

Back in fairy tale land, Robyn ends up sticking by Alice’s side. With that comes with some problems, with the gang of troll hunters turning their bows on Alice and Robyn. Also, never underestimate a girl’s power and strength! Bam. In order to get out of the murderous situation, Tilly closes her eyes, and the yellow bug comes to their rescue. I bet Emma and Killian are really over their car being stolen. Let’s just hope they upgraded their vehicle in the last few years. So, Alice and Tilly find a way to stop the troll. Robyn tells Alice that only she can be the one to save them. Thus concludes the story of the troll”s horror reign and the story of the troll in Hyperion. And the beginning of Alice and Robyn’s love story.

Solid episode overall. Things are getting interesting, and why is not everyone awake already? I just want everyone reunited with their loved ones. It’s just too much. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!

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