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‘Riverdale’ 2×16: 14 truths about “Primary Colors”

Riverdale Season 2, Episode 16, “Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors,” Aired March 21, 2018

Another week of Riverdale, another fresh scoop of drama! Archie is still having fireplace meetings with Mr. Lodge, Jughead is still on a crusade, the Coopers are cray, and the Blossom family is still full of murder. Ethel dropped some truth bombs about Veronica, so let’s do that same about this episode! Let’s break down our honest thoughts we had while watching Riverdale 2×16!

14 Truths about this episode

#1 Chic isn’t a Blossom/Cooper, but he’s still a f*cking creep. HE IS A CREEP! Can we swap him out for Polly? Polly and her incest babies were way better. Also, who’s his dad? Hmmmm.

#2 Veronica needs to get away from her family. We are missing our old Veronica. Because of her family, she is forced into such a strange corner of the show. We want to see her take control of her life and get out of that apartment.


#3 Andy Cohen endorsement. Soooooo, Hermione Lodge is a Real Housewives gal? We love Andy, but that was weird, right? That felt weird.

#4 Jughead, the Lodge family would be happy if you starved to death. Oh, Jughead. The Lodges really don’t like you and would actually prefer if you went away, so a hunger strike might not be the best way to handle this. Go eat some carbs, get your energy up, and take them down!

#5 Ethel is kinda hilarious in a crazy way. Okay, so Ethel plotted to ruin Veronica’s day so hard that we don’t know whether to be scared or impressed. Betty is totally right, it’s crazy that Ethel went through all of the trouble of getting the milkshake from Pop’s to throw on her. But hey, maybe Ethel likes to support small business and we can appreciate that. #ShopLocal girl!

#6 Choni is saving Season 2! In the midst of Cheryl’s family chaos, we got to see a twinkle of awesomeness as Cheryl and Toni shared a quiet moment alone. Too bad Nana couldn’t have waited like 2 minutes to stir up the drama.

#7 Sibling rivalry on this show is NEXT LEVEL. Holy shit, Betty. Most siblings just mess with each other stuff. Waking your bro up with a zippo in his face is next level cray. But don’t worry, Chic found her sex wig and showed it to their Mom. And don’t even get us started on the Blossom family siblings. DRAMA.


#8 Josie is a double agent and it’s kinda awesome. For most of the season, Josie has just been a side character without much to do. Seeing her back up Ethel in such a savage way was a little shocking, but super interesting. More please!

#9 FP is actually the best. In Season 1, FP ranked really low on the parent scale, but he has skyrocketed to the top. He is so supportive of his boy and his agenda and we love it. Also, we need to see some flashbacks of him and Alice. We NEED it.

#10 Archie is kinda the worst. It’s cool to see him caring about something, but whyyyyyyy the Lodge agenda? He needs to get back to his old self and be team #Andrews again.

#11 Bughead is adorable. These two are most effective when they team up and we are so excited to see them take on the Lodges together.


#12 It’s time for some core four tension. Now that Archie made a blood oath to the Lodge family (so weird) and Betty is siding with Jughead, it seems like we are going to see some tension in our core four. We are ready for it.

#13 Archie’s mom and dad should just get back together. We are struggling to find a reason why Archie’s parents split because they seem to REALLY like each other. Let’s hope that we get to see some more of them!

#14 Cheryl’s conversion therapy is a risky, risky move. Oh, Riverdale – what the hell are you doing? If this exposes the evils of this disgusting, insane practice, that’s good. If this serves to pull Toni and Cheryl apart, by insinuating that conversion therapy works, we will be pissed.

 What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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