‘Life Sentence’ 1×03 Discussion: Stella’s quest to save Sadie

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “Clinical Trial and Error”, Aired Mar. 21st, 2018

In this weeks episode of Life Sentence, Stella struggles to deal with the thought of loosing her new friend Sadie Carter (Nádej Bailey) to lymphoblastic leukemia, so she works up a plan to try save her life by getting her involved in the clinical trial that saved her life. In order to do so, Stella teamed up with the newly introduced hottie of a doctor called Dr. Will Grant (Riley Smith) …

The pair create a plan to try and get the donor who funded the trial to fund it again, and both head to a party to convince him. However, in doing so, it comes with some shocking truths that Stella did not expect to hear.

Let’s break it down and discuss Stella’s quest to save Sadie:

Stella volunteers at the hospital where she was once a patient, but her duties so far aren’t enough. Stella feels like she should do more to help the people who she once was like not so long ago. This includes her new friend Sadie, who has the same cancer diagnosis as she once had (a type of acute leukemia). Stella has a grand plan to save Sadie and get her on the clinical trial she once was involved in after she hears Sadie’s white blood cell count isn’t improving (meaning she isn’t improving, however not getting any sicker either). Then comes bad news: Stella finds out the clinical trial is no longer running as the donor pulled their funding. Instead of just giving up, Stella teams up with Dr. Hottie, and they plan to convince the donor to put his money into the trial again at one of his parties, since he knows who he is.

While hitting up the party, Stella gets her drink on!

Yass to cocktails, girl! Especially ones bought from a beaut looking doc, am I right?

Stella and Dr. Hottie bond, but Stella gets annoyed at his lack of empathy and connection with his patients. But girl, he is right though … working in an oncology department day-and-day-out would be really hard. Doctors will face some very bad days there I can imagine, so for their own well-being they must learn to detach or every loss will be crippling.

Unfortunately for Stella, she has to do it alone after Dr. Hottie gets called back to the hospital for an emergency. She ends up talking trash about the donor to the actual man himself —oh god… how AWKWARD! Stella turns it around and tells him how his money will save so many lives since she was cured. YES, you tell him!

But, then comes ever more bad news: Stella was the only patient who survived the treatment out of all who took part in that clinical trial. Oh, no! This means that they viewed it as a fail and that the treatment was being pulled, which was why he removed his funding towards it. The outcome was that the donor agreed to re-fund the clinical trial, but they had to get the same effects as Stella was post-treatment. For that to happen, it would take years. As heartbreaking as it was hear, Stella didn’t want to loose hope for Sadie. Instead, Stella and Dr. Hottie find other clinical trials that are suitable for Sadie’s diagnosis in hopes one would accept her. My gosh, how I glad I was to hear that. People really need hope, and these new promising novel therapies could be the exact thing to save yet another life to such a horrible disease.

I am really enjoying seeing Stella bond and make a great friendship with Sadie. It must feel so alone when being very ill and constantly in hospital, making Stella the perfect friend since she knows exactly what Sadie is going through. No matter how understanding a person may be, they will never fully understand something unless they have went through the exact same thing. I’m excited to see more girl time between the two and learn more about Sadie and her life in the upcoming episodes.

Also, can I just point out: OMG the flirting between Dr. Grant and Stella! Is this the start of a possible love triangle? I do love Stella and Wes together, but a lot is changing now that Stella is no longer terminally ill. What if that means that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore? I’m sure in time we will find out if things heat up further between Stella and Dr. Hottie. Let’s watch this space! I’m curious, who would you prefer Stella to be with … Wes Or Dr. Grant? Let me know your thoughts!

Favorite quote of the week:

Aiden Abbott does it again with yet another great life speech! Stella was worried and scared whether or not her best would be enough to save Sadie, but luckily for Stella, Aiden gave her some great advice on why she shouldn’t be so hard on herself:

“You can’t stop trying. You just have to know going into it, that sometimes, it’s going to hurt, a lot. But that is life. It’s love. It’s the whole thing.”

Yes, Aiden! YES!! You nailed it yet again with a quote hitting deep! This can be applied to so many things, folks. It’s always good to remember to never stop trying (at whatever that may be.) Even if you have faced some pain, failures, or set-backs—don’t let that stop you! We can only do our best, because that’s just life, right?!

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