‘Gotham’ recap: 4×15 “The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 15, “The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause,” Aired March 22, 2018

Turns out the reunions didn’t end last week. This episode brought out quite a few familiar faces, like Martin, Headhunter, Victor Zsasz, Victor Fries, and Sampson.

Remember Sampson? Well, he’s taken over The Narrows after Lee’s run-in with Sofia, and his rule is very much a reign of terror. He isn’t in this episode quite enough to warrant his own section, but let’s just say he gets what he deserves – and from Lee, no less. More on the rest of the returning faces below.

Another notable moment to watch out for: Barbara is suffering migraines, and I think it might have something to do with what Ra’s al Ghul did to her before he died. Stay tuned for more of that next week.

Until then, let’s dive into what went down on this week’s Gotham.

It’s a knuckle sandwich!

The Riddler rescues Martin and breaks Penguin out of Arkham to begin this episode of Gotham. You didn’t think we’d seen the last of Martin, did you? I’m glad he was able to escape the watch of Sofia’s lackeys.

Gotham 4x15 recap The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Nygma saves Martin

When Martin is safe and Penguin is free, The Riddler and Penguin look for backup in their war against Sofia. They start out with Lee, who no longer rules The Narrows, and Solomon Grundy, who is starting to remember who he was as Butch. Bit of a disappointment for Nygmobblepot there, as Grundy is not willing to be cannon fodder. They don’t really see much benefit of Lee joining their fight, but on the bright side, Lee is looking for revenge for what Sofia did to her, so she’s willing to help out in any way she can.

Gotham 4x15 recap The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Lee and The Riddler go after Sofia

There are, of course, some bumps along the way. Grundy delivers The Riddler to Barbara and Tabitha. While they figure out what to do with him, Penguin gets frozen (like he did to Ed!) thanks to Lee planting the idea in the head of Victor Fries. Things are not looking good for Team Anti-Sofia.

Gotham 4x15 recap The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Victor Fries Mr Freeze

What fresh level of hell is this?

Jim and Harvey find the bookkeeper for the Falcones before Sofia’s men can. He’s in some roleplaying weirdness with a bunch of adults all dressed as babies. Honestly, I’m a bit disturbed and entirely confused at what I’ve just witnessed. Not exactly the environment where you’d expect to find the Falcones’ most trusted man.

Gotham 4x15 recap The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Jim faces off with Sofia

Zsasz and Headhunter come onto the scene just after Jim and Harvey start talking to him, and they kick off a fight that gets Jim shot multiple times (by Sofia herself). Even when he’s on the brink of dying, he refuses to give into Sofia, to which I actually cheered. Things got even better when Lee came onto the scene and brutally shot Sofia. That was pretty satisfying. Too bad she’s only in a coma.

You gave up your revenge for me?

Gotham 4x15 recap The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Nygmobblepot Oswald and Ed

Well, this is a touching moment for Nygmobblepot. After learning that despite torture, The Riddler wouldn’t give up Penguin, Oswald decides to sacrifice his shot to kill Sofia to save Ed from being murdered. Nygmobblepot shippers, rejoice.

Gotham 4x15 recap The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Nygmobblepot I trust you Ed Oswald

BatCat adventures

Gotham 4x15 recap The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Selina visits Bruce

Selina comes to Bruce to ask for money, and they get right back into bantering and getting into trouble together. Their adventure to retrieve some items Selina sold is way more fun now that Bruce has some fighting experience. Watching them beat up shady guys in sync was pretty awesome. But, of course, it’s not them without some tension, which returns after Bruce figures out why she really came to him for help. She’s just trying to relieve herself of guilt from some of the things Ivy did. Looks like we’ll see more of them next week, which makes me happy.


Gotham 4x15 recap The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause Selina goes to Bruce for help


Next week, the familiar faces continue to return. I spy Jerome and the Mad Hatter and Ra’s al Ghul. It looks like Bruce has a showdown with Jerome, and Selina is along for the ride. Oh, and there’s something going on with Barbara that might just bring about Ra’s al Ghul’s return – maybe. I’m still not sure what’s going on with Ra’s al Ghul, but I look forward to getting some answers. Barbara is awesome, and I’m glad to see there’s more coming for her. See you next week, my friends, as Arkham continues to be completely useless in containing its prisoners.

Next week:

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