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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 3×15 “Necromancing the Stone”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 15, “Necromancing the Stone,” Aired March 19, 2018.

Don’t mind me, I am just over here crying on the floor. Tonight’s Legends’ episode was too much for me. In all honesty the ending was too much for me and I am in the denial phase. I will get to that. First, let’s sort through our emotions about this episode.

How do we process? We rank our saddest moments of tonight. Here’s hoping that I can make it through this list!

5. A Bloody Ray

The CW

Mollus tricks Sara into wielding the Death Totem. She turns into a Death Witch. Yes it is badass, but also terrible. Her first act as the Death Witch is to beat the sh*t out of Ray. Guys, I am serious about this. Ray looks worse than when Damien tortured him.

Speaking of Damien, he wasn’t in this episode and that’s all we need to say about that. Getting back to Ray, the Legends find him beaten and bloody on the floor. They rush him to the medical bay. He will be the first of many patients that day.

4. A Haunted Zari


After Ray, the Death Witch comes after Zari. During this encounter we learn a few things.

  • The Death Totem/Mollus can bring out your fears and regrets.
  • Zari is still haunted by her brother’s death.
  • Zari needs to work on her hand-to-hand combat. This is mostly an observation, but it still counts.

Z realizes it isn’t her brother and tries to fight the Death Witch. She is no match for our favorite assassin, duh. Cut to- Zari passed out on the floor.

3. A Regretful Nate


Nate sets off to retrieve one of the totems to fight the Death Witch. Why he thinks he can be a man of steel and a totem bearer is beyond me, but alas he goes.

While attempting to wield the totem Nate is visited by his former JSA Grandfather. The leader of the JSA rants about how he can’t wield the totem just like he couldn’t save him.

The Death Witch pummels him. You can’t have powers and a totem, Nate!

2. The Sad Constantine


Ava recruits John Constantine to help get Sara out from Mollus’ control. This brings out a little bit of jealousy on Ava’s part. (Sara told her the truth about him.) John agrees to help. Yes, Gary is there too.

  1. John tries to push Mollus out of Sara.
  2. John and Ava try to go to the astro plane and get Sara.
  3. All of the plans fail.

They finally find there way back to the ship. John faces Mollus/Sara. Mollus attempts to sway John to let Sara die. In return he will release a girl named Astra from Hell. Luckily John doesn’t believe him.

1. The World’s Saddest Moment


At the beginning of the episode we get this gem.

“3 weeks ago I didn’t have a girlfriend.”

“Did you just call me your girlfriend?”

Sara called Ava her girlfriend! It happened! Tears of joy.

A the end of the episode we get the saddest moment of our #AvaLance lives.

“I am sorry Ava. I can’t do this.”

Yes, I am still crying, me and the rest of the world. Sara still believes she does not deserve Ava. She breaks it off with her, because she is an idiot. Then this episode goes from being one of the best, to one of the saddest in three minutes.

Hopefully the writers do not fail us and they make up next episode. Remember all this happens right after Ava saves Sara from Mollus.

Are your hearts broken? Did the writers do us wrong? Are they going to get back together next episode? We will see.

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