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‘The Walking Dead’ 8×12: 35 Thoughts I had while watching “The Key”

The Walking Dead recap, Season 8, Episode 12, “The Key,” Aired March 18, 2018

Wow. Now THAT was an episode. Just when you think maybe The Walking Dead has lost a step, or at least hit a slow point in the season, they hit you with the big guns. This episode was excellent and might be one of my favorites in a really long time.

Here are 35 thoughts I had while watching “The Key”

Is it ever good when Negan comes knocking on your door? It’s always a subtle threat. Can’t he just come say “Hi” sometimes?

No way Negan believes you, Dwight. I would just get out of there before it is too late. Or don’t, I don’t really care if you survive.

Holy disgusting entrails, Batman. I hope no one was eating while watching them gut these zombies. Maybe it’s just a good idea to have a no eating rule watching this show, in general.

Is it creepy or awesome that Negan talks to Lucille like she’s his girlfriend? Let’s go with awesome. The bucket of blood on the other hand……


I don’t think Rick likes that you are keeping these prisoners, guys. Maybe it is time to get rid of them.

Is Daryl sad Rick doesn’t want to do a teamup? I’m kinda sad. They are awesome together.

How much time has passed in this show exactly? Maggie doesn’t even look a little pregnant. Did Glenn die last week or something?

Simon is over Negan – clearly. He doesn’t want to do warnings anymore. This is going to blow up really soon. Maybe once Negan finds out what he did to the trash people?

Wait, did Maggie say records? Who wants records in the zombie apocalypse? Do we have a new player in the game? A weird, music loving one?

Oh Rick, what are you doing? I’m pretty sure you were supposed to beep the horn. Is he going off-plan for some petty vengeance? You are gonna get the Hilltop killed.

Ha, ha Simon totally let Negan get t-boned.

OMG, we have a good old fashioned car chase, with the music and everything. This is the best thing ever. I take back what I said, you go off-plan Crazy Rick.

Where has this been all season? Drama, action, and witty banter. Yes! The next spinoff should clearly just be Rick and Negan getting into shenanigans.

We should all love someone or something the way Negan loves Lucille. He is literally hanging on for dear life and all he can think about is that he dropped her. Very touching.

Ok, so this looks pretty bad for Negan. Rick has the upper hand and just knocked him down a dusty hole. If he has any kind of allergies he is screwed.

Don’t knock the spoken word albums, Georgie. Also, who the heck is Georgie?

Knowledge for food? Isn’t the Hilltop starving? That better be some pretty great knowledge you are offering lady.

Who needs to trade for knowledge when you can just take them hostage. You might need to build a bigger pen if you keep taking so many hostages though.

“I’m a god damn cat” Let’s just add that the best lines this show has ever had category.

Oh, he is looking for Lucille. Seriously, what is the story with this bat? He loves it way more than he probably should.

Is there anyone better at monologuing than Negan? He is just so full of witty lines. I’m gonna be really sad when he dies. Like him losing Lucille level sad.

Damn Rick, way to put Simon on blast. Negan didn’t know about the junkyard you jerk!

RICK HAS LUCILLE! This is not a drill people.


Simon is hardcore plotting against Negan right now and I’m really torn. These are 2 of my favorite characters. I want them both to survive.

Rick’s group is starting to sound like the Saviors. Just trying to take everyone’s stuff. They probably aren’t wrong, but how don’t they see it?

Sorry Rick, you are wrong. He totally cares about someone – Lucille. You can see it in his eyes. “Don’t you touch her!” Very sad.

HE LIT HER ON FIRE! Damn you Rick, why did you cross a line? Wait, who am I rooting for in this fight? (For Rick and Negan to become best friends I think.)

Through the zombie door they go! (With an on fire Lucille.) Negan is about to hulk out on Rick. Can’t say I blame him.

And now the zombies are on fire. This is stressful AF!

They grabbed Negan! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Okay, he is alright and he has his girl back. Whew.

Georgie gets her records and gives them food. What is up with this lady?

And she rewards them with some plans for building structures. That seems like a pretty good trade to me. Some worthless records for things of actual value.

Simon is so much worse for our group than Negan. He wants to just kill them all. Also, it seems a little unbalanced so there’s that.

Jadis! She’s back and she has a road trip buddy. Negan is her hostage and you just knew she was going to have a big part to play still.


That episode was action packed and crazy stressful. I can’t remember the last time an episode kept me that engaged. I love that it kept things very open and mysterious as to what is happening next. What is Jadis’ plan? How crazy is Simon going to get? Where did Georgie come from and where is she going? Keeping us guessing is something I love about this show and this episode did it better than most. I want to see more like this going forward.

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Mike Bonney

Mike loves to geek out over Star Wars, superheroes, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. He is 100% Slytherin, a Sith Supporter and thinks Negan is probably the hero of Walking Dead.

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