‘Life Sentence’ 1×02 Discussion: Stella struggles with family and Wes

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 2, “Re-Inventing the Abbotts”, Aired Mar. 14th, 2018

This episode of Life Sentence highlighted the harsh realities of life that Stella had to learn how to face. Sadly for Stella and Wes, one was how their marriage wasn’t always going to be the perfect fairytale now that they will have the rest of their lives together.

Along with that, Stella had to learn how to deal with both her marriage issues and family issues at the same time, without sacrificing one for the other. However, Stella seemed like she wasn’t quite getting the hang of that yet, which left Wes feeling like he was second best. To give her some credit, though, Stella has been used to living life like it was her last day on earth, so who wouldn’t struggle with life (especially marriage) for a while after that, right?

Let’s breakdown the struggles Stella faced between balancing both her family and marriage:

Wes ran into some serious immigration problems, which could possibly see him being deported back to London due to a previous mix up that happened when they thought Stella was dying. At that point however, Stella’s consequences did not matter when she believed she wasn’t going to be around for much longer, but now Stella’s previous actions were catching up with her. The INS come knocking and have suspicions that their marriage is a complete sham and was only carried out so that Wes could legally stay in the country. Of course, that couldn’t be true, right?

The pair then had to agree to go to an interview to prove that their marriage wasn’t for show to keep Wes in America. That meant Stella and Wes had to brush up on their knowledge of each other. After all, they did marry after only knowing each other for a month… Wes also assumes that if he does get deported that Stella will go with him, but she hesitates at that. That don’t sound good at all!

In the midst of all that drama, Stella had to deal with the problems in her family, like how her mother wanted to sell their family home and her dad not agreeing with her at all. This created all sorts of added stress, which saw Stella getting so sucked up into her family drama that she missed her study session with Wes to prepare for their immigration interview. Girl, that was a bad move!

Wes gets mad and calls Stella out on her not putting him first over her family. After they argue, Stella agrees she is going to fix all this, but she makes the problem worse. After speaking with the immigration officer, she learned Wes used to live with another girl for two years. She comes to the realization that maybe she does not know him as well as she believed. This causes Stella to question if Wes really did use her and how real their marriage is?

Stella confronts Wes, and the two end up arguing. But luckily, they put it behind them and get studying together ahead of their big interview!

Interview Day

Interview day comes, and the questions that Stella and Wes had to face was ridiculous. I mean, does every married couple know each other’s shoe size, favorite meal, number of sexual partners, and so on? I doubt it. Despite the fact that the pair flounder at a few questions, in the end, things still work out in their favor. Stella gets the point across that it doesn’t matter that they don’t know every single fact about each other, because they both know that the love they share for each other is true. I agree, and luckily the Immigration officer did too, as she officially congratulates Wes to America. Yay, thank God for that! Now all Wes and Stella have to do is carry on learning how to deal with married life, but I think they will do just fine. Don’t you?

Side note: My favorite quote of the week goes to Aiden (again) when he opened up to his dad about why he acts the way he does.

“I did the best that I could with the hand I was dealt.” – Aden Abbott

That hits deep! *sobs*

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