‘Falling Water’ season finale recap 2×10 “The Art of the Deal”

Falling Water season finale recap, Season 2, Episode 10, “The Art of the Deal”, aired March 10th

It all came down to this. The dreamers were in a battle for their lives. Bill gets the surprise of a lifetime, and Taylor finally gets what she deserves. But we are still left with unanswered questions. While we sit and wait for word on whether or not there will be a third season, let’s break down that wild ride of a finale!

Falling Water season finale recap

Only dreaming

Our eyes were bugging out of our heads within the first five minutes of the episode. It’s immediately made pretty clear that Tess isn’t in her own dream. We have a lot of opinions on Charlotte, but we never saw her being in a romantic relationship with Ginsberg. While this answers a few questions as to why Ginsberg has been obsessed with getting Tess, we are given even more questions. We better get a third season to help us figure it out!

Falling Water season finale recap

Sister dearest

Just when we didn’t think we could feel worse for Bill. We find out Katrina is alive right about the time she decides she wants to work side by side with the Shadowman. But she isn’t all talk as she quickly makes her way to the precinct and gets Tom out. What the hell is going on with these people? What is it about Tom that makes people want to either defend him and insist he hasn’t done what he’s being accused of, or be on his side and help him commit heinous murders? It’s beginning to get a little crazy. To the point that we are wondering if Tom’s powers extend into the world when he is awake as well as when he’s dreaming.

Falling Water season finale recap

Case thrown

While we completely understand Taka and Alex wanting to put Tom behind bars for good, we still found ourselves shaking our heads at them. We all know that Tom is Shadowman and is the one forcing people to commit violent acts. But did they think they could arrest him in the real world without any actual evidence? We’re pretty sure the rest of the detectives aren’t going to accept that Taka and Alex were dreaming together and watched Tom force these people to kill from their dreams. So they probably should have thought that one through before arresting him. But who are we to judge? Just the people that want the Shadowman stopped!

Falling Water season finale recap

Bait the trap

While we were also afraid for Tess, we did think using her as bait was a good idea. When we discovered that she wasn’t actually supposed to be in harm’s way, we felt like we could breathe a sigh of relief. Then we got more than we could have ever asked for when Burton and Tess confessed how happy they feel together and had one of hte most amazing moments ever! So we definitely need another season to explore this relationship even more! But as expected, things don’t run smoothly. Not only does Ginsberg seem to know exactly where Tess is, but Taylor wasn’t ever present in the trap. So our dreamers were actually the ones caught in a trap. When Alex fell to the ground, our hopes of her being a dreamer also went out the window. Damn.

Falling Water season finale recap

Tables turned

While we’re not fans of Tom and can’t wait to see him arrested or dead, he does help us. But he doesn’t do it in a way we approve of. Tom uses a security guard to kill Taylor and it had us a little surprised at how Tom was able to catch Taylor off guard. She already fended Tom off once and was on high alert, shouldn’t she have stayed that way until Tom was caught? But we suppose that really wouldn’t help with his extensive dreaming abilty. Or the way he’s able to escape from legal troubles so easily as you can’t arrest people for what they do in their dreams. But taking Taylor out of the equation is only one of the steps and it just continues to prove how bad Tom really is. So let’s get to taking him down, shall we?

Falling Water season finale recap

The in-between

While seeing Tess be a bad ass was both amazing and empowering, we were left wondering about her fate. But they couldn’t possibly kill of any of our core dreamers. Could they? We so hope not. Even though Tess has shown she does in fact have the power Ginsberg thinks she does, we just have to wonder why he seems so unruffled by her threats. But then we think about how he truly has been ten steps ahead of everyone this entire time. The man clearly has a plan and so far we haven’t been able to figure him out.

Falling Water season finale recap

Is Tess okay? Will she be able to get Burton and the others back? Did Tess really kill Charlotte, or was that simply a dreaming sequence? What is Ginsberg’s overall goal? Will we get a third season? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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