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‘The Magicians’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk ep 3×10, “The Art of the Deal”

The Magicians, Ep 3×10, “The Art of the Deal” aired on March 14, 2018

Welcome back Fillorians! This week, Fen and Jules take a drastic step in their attempts to free Skye and the other enslaved fairies. The enemy of my enemy and all that. Honestly, we’ve seen the damage that the Fairy Queen can do when crossed and messing with her subjects is her red line. Penny makes an unexpected decision about his Afterlife. Margo and Eliot haven’t given up on their crowns. Meanwhile, the tension and distrust between Alice and Quentin finally comes to a head as they search for the next key. Poor Josh.

Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week’s new episode. What did you think of Fen and Julia’s new temporary ally? Can Alice be trusted? Do El and Margo have a chance in Hades of reclaiming the throne? Speaking of the God of the Underworld, what did you think of his interest in Penny? Apparently, this isn’t the first time that humanity has lost magic and it won’t be the last. Give us a listen and then be sure to drop a comment or in our Facebook group with your thoughts on Ep 3×10, “The Art of the Deal”.


Brad & Cort Talk ‘The Magicians’ ep 3×10, “The Art of the Deal”

The Magicians
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