‘Gotham’ recap: 4×14 “Reunion”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 14, “Reunion,” Aired March 15, 2018


We’ve had many, many episodes of reunions, so it’s about time we had one actually called, “Reunion.” And while it’s great to see old faces reunited, this was an episode full of rocky reunions. While some thaw the icy feelings, progress doesn’t come easy. Alfred and Harvey remain bitter, and Nygma wants nothing more than to rid himself of the villain inside him. Even further, Ivy reunites with the man who killed her father, Ivy reunites with her old friend Selina, Sofia reunites with her sister-in-law, and The Riddler and The Penguin return. Reunions galore.


Sofia tries to make a deal with Lee for profits from The Narrows, and Lee rejects it to protect her people – not to mention The Narrows isn’t exactly prospering economically. Lee brainstorms throughout the episode, deciding that Sofia just wants power, so she gives Sofia a counteroffer – Jim Gordon.

Sofia doesn’t take the deal, and she turns the people of The Narrows against Lee before smashing her left hand. Ouch.

Gotham 4x14 recap Reunion Sofia takes Lee down

Come back, Alfred!

Bruce asks Alfred for help and gets REJECTED. Well, partially rejected. Alfred has conditions. He said he would reconsider helping Bruce if and only if Bruce could prove to him that he’s really changed. Bruce has no idea how to do that, but Alfred seems to believe in him, showing up to the Wayne Foundation dinner.

Bruce ignores his planned speech and instead talks about how much Alfred means to him. Is it just me, or does Alfred look teary-eyed?

Gotham 4x14 recap Reunion Bruce Wayne makes it up to Alfred Pennyworth

And then, the teenage angst returns. Alfred drops some wisdom on the kid, who responds by walking away in frustration.

It takes an attack on Bruce’s guests for Alfred to really get to him. Alfred decides to stay, and things look like they might just be on the mend.

Ed Nygma vs. The Riddler

Ed tries his hardest to get rid of The Riddler, but that proves harder than he initially thought. As The Riddler puts it, the only way to kill him would be for Ed to kill himself, which is exactly what he almost tries to do. His attempt is thwarted by a smart-talking Riddler, who reminds him that he could get rid of The Riddler by admitting himself into Arkham. Even better is the plot twist at the end where we learn that it was actually Oswald’s idea to get Ed into Arkham so he could set The Riddler free. Oh, this will be good.

Gotham 4x14 recap Reunion Nygmobblepot Riddler and Penguin reunite

The Epic Bromance

Gotham 4x14 recap Reunion Harvey Jim first reunite

Harvey continues to be angry at Jim Gordon for, well, everything he can think of. He really knows how to hold a grudge. That grudge might just put him in danger, as Harvey is high on Ivy’s list of future victims since he killed her father, and he refuses to allow Jim to help him find her. Separating, of course, leads them into more trouble, as Harvey falls under Ivy’s spell and attacks Jim.

When Harvey comes out of Ivy’s spell, he returns to the GCPD temporarily, and he looks right at home. The work is good for him; he even apologizes to Jim for putting all the blame on him. Then, Jim confesses about the Sofia/Pyg coverup to Harvey.

This is all progress for the bromance to return to its former glory!

Ivy is still at it

Gotham 4x14 recap Reunion Ivy Pepper plans her attack

Whelp, Ivy continues her reign of terror, going after the guests at the Wayne Foundation dinner. Armed with her powers and some shooters-turned-zombies (via her powers), she is seemingly unstoppable.

However, it’s Bruce Wayne to the rescue, disguising himself and saving his guests. Alfred believes that Bruce can be a real hero, telling him, “this is who you are” mid-rescue. Each episode seems to get us closer and closer to Batman!

Gotham 4x14 recap Reunion Selina vs Ivy

After a failed attack on the Wayne dinner, Selina faces off with Ivy. Selina went full circle in this episode, from defending Ivy as a friend to almost getting killed by her. All hope isn’t lost, as Ivy lets Selina go after hearing a heartfelt mini-speech, but things are definitely complicated.


Next week looks like it takes the reunions to the next level: Team-ups! The Riddler and Penguin absolutely have something up their sleeves, and I doubt Arkham can hold them for long. Meanwhile, Selina and Bruce might get some quality time. The return of BatCat? I know that the Sofia plot is far from over, and what she did to Lee is sure to get a response next week. Be sure to check in next week for all the insanity that is Gotham!


Next week:

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