‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer: 5 best moments

Remember like a decade ago when Marvel announced it’s plan for the MCU and then how it built up each character individually? Well, this movie is legit what it has all been building to and we are beyond stoked! All of our favorites are there AND they are interacting with each other. It’s epic AF!

Let’s break down the 5 best moments of the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer!

avengers infinity war trailer
Marvel Studios

#1 Building the Thanos fear. If you aren’t a comic fan, you may not know just how insane Thanos really is, so it’s great to see this trailer really building the Thanos fear. Gamora’s haunting voice over should give you the shivers because (as evidenced by this trailer) Thanos is a threat unlike anything the MCU has ever seen. Thanos says it himself, he plans to wipe out half of humanity. Be afraid Marvel fans, be very afraid.

#2 Star Lord, snark and Tony Stark. Holy Hell, this is everything we never knew we always wanted. After watching this trailer, Peter Quill being a snarky dick to Tony Stark is already our favorite scene. Another great part of that snippet is Peter Parker enjoying every second of this exchange. Hopefully, this is just one of many interactions between these two.

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#3 Peter Parker’s existence. Tom Holland’s Spiderman is a treasure and he just makes everything better. Peter meeting Dr. Strange in the trailer was perfect and hilarious. We also love to see him (literally) swinging into action fresh out of school, without missing a beat. This trailer just reminds us how happy we are to have him in the MCU.


#4 Black Panther has arrived. We are so ready for more Wakanda and if this trailer is any indication, we are going to get it. We see T’Challa and his army ready to fight for humanity with the Avengers and it honestly just looks epic AF. There is also a lot of high tech stuff happening, so we can assume that Shuri is going to shine brighter than an infinity stone in this movie. More Black Panther is always a good idea.

#5 The HUGE stakes. In all of the MCU’s rich history, it’s pretty safe to assume that when the hero faces the villain, he/she will come out of it just fine. This is the first time that we aren’t so sure that our many heroes will get out alive. In this trailer alone we see Thanos going head to head with Captain America, Iron-Man swarmed and then again with busted up armor, Thanos is crushing Thor’s head, Doctor Strange is being tortured by a Thanos henchman and that’s just in the trailer. Basically, shit is about to get REAL!

Watch it now!

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27, 2018! 

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