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‘The Flash’ recap – 4×16: “Run, Iris, Run”

The Flash episode “Run, Iris, Run” aired 13 March 2018.

Hello everyone. “Run, Iris, Run” was my most anticipated episode of The Flash this season. Iris haters have long tried to argue that she doesn’t actually contribute to the team because she does not have superpowers or badass fighting skills, doesn’t pull any heroics out in the field. Those arguments are flawed to begin with, and this episode was just the cherry on top. Iris has the chops to be a hero.

Plus, Candice Patton looks really cute with a ponytail and Star Labs garb.

And purple lightning is so pretty.

Secret intelligence

Harry has become obsessed with one-upping DeVoe. He finds footage of DeVoe during the accelerator explosion, thus discovering DeVoe’s secret to his intelligence: the thinking cap! So, Harry designs one for himself, though he insists on calling it an “intelligence booster”. However, he needs Cisco’s help to finalise and build it, and Cisco strongly opposes. I mean, blasting your head with dark energy is really extreme.

Ralph is upset that they aren’t going to pursue that idea. His life is on the line after all. When Iris tries to talk to him, he points out that she’s always safe behind her console. This sticks with her.

The team discover a man named Matthew Kim can apparently take people’s powers. Iris volunteers to go with Joe to interview Kim to prove that she can contribute in the field. Barry seems thrown by this, since he has nothing to do now.

Team Iris

Kim thinks they are threatening him and holds Iris at scalpel point. She covertly activates her phone SOS alarm and Barry speeds in. As he pushes Kim away from Iris, he inadvertently causes Kim to take his powers…and transfer them to Iris!

Iris has a lot of fun with her new speed, but Barry seems less than enthused. Jobless and speedless, he feels like he has lost everything to DeVoe. Iris reminds him that he will always have her, even if their roles are reversed now. (Well, not exactly. Barry doesn’t have his wife’s managerial skills.)

Iris soon gets to use her powers outside the lab. She manages to get civilians out of a burning building, but is unable to pull of the arm-rotating wind funnel move to put out the fire. She gets trapped under a beam as the structure starts collapsing and can’t phase herself through. Cisco eventually breaches her out. The incident makes her doubt herself. She opens up to Barry and says that she wants to prove to herself she still has the courage she had doing field reporting.

the flash iris west candice patton
image: the CW

Meanwhile, Caitlin convinces Cisco to help Harry with the thinking cap. Cisco agrees on two conditions:
– They won’t use dark matter to power it.
– He gets to breach Harry back to Earth-2 if the man starts acting like a know-it-all. More than he already does, anyway.

Purple Reign

Earlier, Kim unknowingly transferred flame-blasting powers from a back-robbing particle accelerator meta to a random person. Said person decided he wanted to rob banks too. Kim, still unaware that he transfers rather than takes powers, tries to stop the guy – I’m gonna call him Stud for his studded jacket. Well, at least there’s one meta who tries to use his powers for good. Iris speeds in and cuffs Kim before he complicates things further.

She then faces off with Stud, but is scared by the flames he creates. Stud recognises this and taunts her by creating a massive thermal cyclone. Iris has to use her speed to draw water from the bay into a (controlled) tidal wave to put the fire cyclone out. She doesn’t think she is fast enough. Now it’s Barry’s turn to give her the motivation speech. He tells her he believes in her. It’s so nice to see Barry be the lightning rod for Iris. Run, Iris, run!

Buoyed by Barry’s encouragement (and his technical instructions on how to run on water), Iris successfully draws the tidal wave, extinguishing the fire and knocking Stud out in the process. Go girl!

the flash iris west speedster
image: the CW

Back in Star Labs, Barry lets Iris choose if she wants to keep her speed, but she declines. Matthew Kim redoes the transfer and agrees to help them stop DeVoe.

Barry tells Iris he wouldn’t have made her give up the speed power. However, Iris feels that being the Flash is Barry’s destiny, as much as she had fun running around for two days. She also restarts her Flash blog!

Put on your thinking caps

Finally, Harry puts on his fine-tuned intelligence booster/thinking cap to find the names of the last two bus metas.

What did everyone think (ha) about this episode! I liked everything they did with Iris. Also loved the small bits of encouragement Caitlin kept throwing at Iris. There wasn’t as much Westallen as I thought there would be, though. I also started getting annoyed with Ralph’s recurring lack of confidence and faith in himself and others. I don’t hate him, but the writer are inconsistent with his character growth and keep making him revert to the self-serving prick he was when he first appeared.

Lastly, I didn’t mention this last week, but Jay Garrick mentioned he was training someone – a ‘she’ – to takeover his role as Earth-3’s guardian speedster. Could this be Girl Everyone Thinks Is Dawn Allen?

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Flash points:

  • Cisco: Don’t you have six PhDs?
    Harry: Seven.
    Cisco: Yeah, which one is in mad science?!
  • Joe mentioned that he and Cecile have picked out baby names but refused to tell. WHAT ARE THEY, JOE??
  • Cisco: Have you not seen Spiderman 2?
    Caitlin: No.
    Cisco: (harsh whisper) How can you live with yourself?

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(featured image: the CW)


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