‘The Good Doctor’ 1×16 recap: “Pain”

The Good Doctor 1×16 recap: Season 1, Episode 16, “Pain” aired March 12, 2018.

The episode title could not be more accurate for this episode because it sure elicited some pain to the audience. Each patient is going through rough times, but so are the surgeons involved. This was one of my favorite episodes of the season thus far. It was an emotional roller coaster, but so worth it! Also, Morgan didn’t annoy me for once, so that’s something.

Claire deserves better

The hospital is getting musical. The whole hospital staff is being entertained by some strange woman we have not seen before. Until Claire walks in and says “Mom.” Her mom tries to talk to her, but Claire wants nothing to do with her, which makes me wonder about the history there. There’s a story there, I know it. Shaun questions her about her mom, and Claire confesses that she hasn’t seen her in years. In high school, Claire babysat to earn money, but her mom ended up taking it to go to Reno. Now it makes sense why she’s not on speaking terms with her mother. She’s a user.

But it gets worse, and Claire’s mom is literally the most awful mother ever. She returns to the hospital later and tries to make amends with her, wants to be apart of her life again. DON’T TRUST HER, CLAIRE! Just as Claire is about to go to surgery, she takes a chance to call her mom. Honestly, Claire is such a good character; she’s way too good for everyone who screws her over. Meeting her mom for coffee, her mom says she wants to be closer to her and make an effort to be a good mother. However, there’s a catch, she needs money to pay first and last months rent. I knew she was up to no good! And because Claire is Claire, she cuts her a check, but it’s clearly apparent that Claire is hurt. I’ll be interested to see how that all plays out. She doesn’t deserve this pain.

You know, so does Shaun

Another character who deserves better: Shaun. Shaun is retelling his co-workers all about his day out with his neighbor and his girlfriend at a carnival. Apparently he lost a bet and ended up dropping grands on the two people. Okay, what kind of friend would let another friend pay for everything for themselves and their significant other? I’ll answer that for you: a bad friend. Shaun needs to drop him like a hot potato.

It isn’t until Dr. Park blatantly tells Shaun that his neighbor is using him that makes you realize, yeah he totally is. I knew there was something about him I didn’t trust. Just kidding; I thought he was a good guy who genuinely wanted to be friends with Shaun. I’m disappointed in you, Kenny. Along with him using Shaun, Dr. Park reveals that he also has a record. Hmmm….Then when Shaun goes home, Kenny is in his house with some food in tow. Food that he bought with Shaun’s money he found lying around. What is up with this guy?! Ugh. Am I the only one wondering how he got inside his apartment?


I really liked the message of this episode: loving someone for who they are, disability or not. The male patient tells Shaun that just like him, they are different from the rest, and therefore, they have to work harder to earn respect. So when Shaun realizes that the patient’s wife married him even with his disability, it got him to thinking. He asks Claire if she would ever date someone with a disability, and she responds she would. That love knows no bounds, and a disability is not something that would deter her. Have I mentioned how much I love Claire?

Which brings us to Dr. Andrews. He’s still struggling with his infertility, and he doesn’t know what to do. What he does know is that he wants to be able to give his wife a family. His wife tells him that they have other options, that they’re already a family. It was just nice that even amongst all the pain in people’s life, there is always room for love.

Definitely pain

The patient Jared and Morgan is attending to has an infection, but she doesn’t want to undergo anymore surgeries because she’ll be scarred. She requests that she be put on antibiotics, but those prove to be useless in her situation. It takes her husband to tell her that she needs to do the surgery, that it’s her best chance of surviving. It’s then that we hear her fears, admitting that she knew her husband was cheating on her. But that wasn’t the case; her husband had a gambling problem and he didn’t want to burden her with that. He had wanted to give her the best chance at life, and he felt like he had failed her. So, she agrees to the surgery, but it doesn’t end well. The woman ends up dying on the table, and why do they keep making me cry?

Meanwhile, the other patient is going through surgery to regain his ability to walk. His wife also has some fears. When Melendez goes to talk to her, he points out why she’s not in support of this surgery. She’s known him as being a man who could never walk, and she fears that once he can, things might change between them. After she talks with Melendez, she stands by her husband’s side as he undergoes the surgery, which ends up being successful.

Jared with the sass

So, it was a brief part, but it deserves its own section. Morgan and Jared worked together this episode, and it actually wasn’t too bad. Until she tells him she knows a guy who can get him a job at another hospital. Jared, being the blatant guy he is, asks the million dollar question we’ve all wanted to ask: “does anyone like you?” I really loved that. Morgan responds, “I like myself.” Of course she does, of course she does.

We are getting close to the finale, and there is still so much I want to find out. What will transpire between Claire and her mom? What about Jared and her? Shaun and Kenny? Glassman and Shaun? I need at least one of these relationships mended before the end of the season. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below!

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