‘Falling Water’ recap 2×09 “Risk Assessment”

Falling Water recap, Season 2, Episode 9, “Risk Assessment”, aired March 3rd, 2018

Things are continuing to escalate as it seems the Shadowman is within Taka and Alex’s sight. But at what cost? Our dream team is risking it all to stop Bennett and the rest of her henchmen. On top of everything else going on, Tess is finding out more secrets to her past. She may even continue pushing things by offering herself up as bait. Let’s break it all down!

Falling Water recap 2x09

Questioning dreams

Taka’s tactic of terrifying Emily with the truth of her father’s crimes had us impressed and surprised. But with the way Emily reacts to what Taka shows her, he’s lucky she doesn’t end up dead. But does this mean Taka now has abilities of his own when it comes to making people do things from within their dreams? Before we could get too concerned, Taka’s plan to get Tom out of hiding with Emily worked like a charm. Even though Emily knows the truth about her father, she still tries to protect him from Taka and Alex. What?! We know he’s your father and all, but you’ve just been confronted by a horrible and supernatural truth. Jail is probably the best place for him at this time. Emily is definitely old enough to understand at least that.

Falling Water recap 2x09

Deal with the devil

For a moment we actually did believe that Woody had once again switched sides. But it didn’t take long to realize Woody’s meeting with Bennett was all a set up. Though it’s clear Bennett doesn’t completely trust him when she sends someone to follow him. Good thing Woody knew that was going to be her move. Then Taylor gets together with Jeremy and we found ourselves wishing Tess would have killed him when she hit him over the head. We were pretty impressed with the whole plan Woody and the others came up with to take down Bennett and her crew. Even though it had us worrying about Tess and which side Woody would be standing on when all was said and done. We were also rooting for Jeremy to get what he deserved.

Falling Water recap 2x09

Still searching

We still aren’t clear on why Doctor Ginsburg wants Tess. What power does she posess that has Ginsburg wanting to turn away Woody’s offer of an extremely powerful dreamer? We were holding our breaths when Jeremy started using his dream to find out who had followed him into it. But we’re pretty sure he had a good idea of who would want to do that in the first place. We were kind of left wondering why Burton stayed in Woody’s dream for so long. Would we be reaching if we said it’s because we believe it’s out of a feeling of protection for Tess? But we are curious as to what kinds of powers Tess seems to have. If our dreamers are discovering new powers, what will they be able to do next? Side note, we cannot get over Tess and Burton! These two are absolutely amazing together and we are completely lost for them!

Falling Water recap 2x09


Ginsburg is a mystery all his own. He doesn’t want anything to do with Bennett, though we don’t blame him for that one. But it also seems he apparently committed suicide about thirty years ago. So it had us wondering if Jeremy was more than just an associate Ginsburg was sending to get Tess. So naturally, the best bet for our Dream Team is to force Ginsburg to come to them, whoever he may be. The only way to do that is by giving him the dreamer he has wanted since the very beginning. Tess. We feel it’s important to point out that we so do not agree with this plan, and we don’t think we’re the only ones. Though we do have to admit it does kind of seem like the only plan that has any chance of working.

Falling Water recap 2x09

Final confrontation

We’re gearing up for our season finale, and by the looks of things it’s going to be wild. We still don’t have news of a third season, so we’re pretty concerned about every member of our Dream Team, including Woody. We don’t want to see this showdown result in the death or injury of any of them. Are the dreamers ready to shut Bennett down for good? How long will Tom remain in jail? Will the arrest of Tom result in Sabine’s freedom? Be sure to catch the season finale to hopefully get the answer at least some of these questions. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Falling Water recap 2x09

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