‘The Resident’ recap 1×06 “No Matter the Cost”

The Resident recap, Season 1, Episode 6, “No Matter the Cost”, aired March 5th, 2018

This episode had us rallying behind Conrad once again as he worked his hardest to do what was best for his patient. But we were also on Nic’s side as she continued striving not only for a drug addict, but for the evidence she needs to prove Lane Hunter’s cancer clinic isn’t what it appears to be. Then we have Mina who, while she may be doing something noble, is putting her whole career at risk. So let’s break it down!

The Resident recap 1x06

Hit me with your best shot

We all knew Mina walking alone at night, through a bad looking area wasn’t going to be good. But we also weren’t surprised that she was able to handle herself and put her would be mugger in the hospital. Yeah, we wouldn’t mess with Mina. We love the way she keeps the entire situation under control, including doing her best to keep Nic out of trouble. But we think it was pretty great to see Nic and Mina team up to help Atiba. Even though the two women are so different, they compliment each other extremely well. Even though Nic doesn’t completely agree with what Mina is doing with supplies from the hospital, she is able to put it aside to help the doctor out. We’re a bit conflicted on the situation ourselves. But we know Mina is just trying to help others, even if she tries to act as though she isn’t good with people.

The Resident recap 1x06

Emotional overload

It took less than a minute of seeing Conrad’s father on screen to know that we hate him. But we are grateful for his appearance, if only to get a closer look into Conrad’s past. In typical Conrad fashion, our favorite doctor is able to simultaneously rebuff his father while holding his anger in check, and reassure a patient who has seen every other doctor. It’s funny to see the always stoic Conrad reacting so jealously over Nic. But we guess that just goes to show how much he really cares for her. We also know that no matter how much Conrad tries to hide it, that man is just filled to the brim with emotions. He is only going to be able to hold everything in for so long before he has a monumental freak out.

The Resident recap 1x06

Comic relief

If we haven’t said it before, we’re going to say it now. We freaking love Irving! He’s smart, funny, charming, and great at his job. We also see the way he looks at Mina and we think it’s the most adorable thing. We are hoping the relationship between the two of them is explored. Irving is another doctor who can balance out Mina’s rougher edges. Not that we want Mina to change, because we love her exactly as she is. But they say opposites attract and we know Mina likes the way Irving acts around her, we see her little smirks. We certainly don’t blame her for liking the attention of the sweet doctor, but we have a strong suspicion that there’s a little more going on beneath the surface.

The Resident recap 1x06

Suspicious minds

Since Conrad hasn’t seemed willing to listen to Nic’s concerns about Lane so far, Nic seeks help from Devon. But she’s going to have her work cut out for her with him as well. Lane is one of the doctors that Devon has idolized. So Nic shows him the proof she has found so far, hoping it will change his mind. We know you’re right Nic and we can’t wait until everyone else gets on board. But we do have to disagree with Nic on the entire Conrad and Jude situation. Nic is damn smart and she has to know that Jude is trying to get together with her. We are certainly suspicious of his motivations behind it and aren’t entirely sure if we trust the guy. We just want Nic and Conrad to figure their shit out! One way or the other.

The Resident recap 1x06

Two sides

We don’t want to feel bad for Bell since he is a big pile of crap, but it seems we area bit more compassionate than the HODAD. If brain surgery is what ends up happening to Bell, we will feel bad about that. Then there’s Lane, who makes it difficult to dislike her. She has such compassion for Conrad that she’s almost a different person than the deceitful woman who runs the cancer clinic. But then she goes and does something like knowingly risking Lily’s life just for the money. It’s like two steps forward and eight steps back with these Lane and Bell.

The Resident recap 1x06

Looking deeper

From the moment we first saw Devon, we knew he was going to be a great doctor in this series. The amount of compassion he shows for everyone around him never ceases to amaze us. We think it’s that compassion that leads Devon to realize that Nic is right about her suspicions of Lane and the cancer clinic. It certainly helped that Devon went behind Lane’s back and ran extra tests on Lily to find out that the woman’s kidneys were failing.

The Resident recap 1x06

So once again, things came down to money. What will Nic and Devon do now? Will they be able to get Conrad to believe them now that they have more evidence? What about Conrad’s father? Would Conrad ever consider taking such a job offer, especially from his father? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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