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‘iZombie’ recap 4×02 “Blue Bloody”

iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 2, “Blue Bloody”, aired March 5th, 2018

Brain martinis, golf ball launchers, and Angus becoming a preacher. No, this isn’t a nightmare. Well, not your nightmare. Liv may have a different take on the whole situation, but with the brain she just consumed, it’s going to be a snooty take. So let’s break down this wild ride!

iZombie recap 4x02

Missing parts

The war between zombies and humans has reached a whole new level. We’re just glad the zombies in this show can function like normal people. But Angus certainly isn’t going to help any situation. Why did Blaine think it was a good idea to keep his father in a well all this time? What the hell made him reveal the location to anyone? You would think after four years, Blaine would be smart enough to not fully trust anyone. Especially when it comes to his father. Speaking of Blaine, where the hell were he and Don E this week? What is an episode of iZombie without Blaine playing both sides of the fence?

iZombie recap 4x02

Relationship blues

Have we mentioned how happy we are to have Dale back? Because we are freaking ecstatic! We love how she calls Clive out on all his crap and doesn’t allow him to hide anything from her. Then there’s the fact that Dale’s zombie status doesn’t seem to bother Clive. Except for the fact that the two of them can’t be intimate, of course. That certainly seems to be a downside. But the only relationship of Clive’s that really seems to be struggling is the one with Liv. Her old bitty attitude has Clive just about at the end of his rope. Not that we blame him because we would have been too.

iZombie recap 4x02

Brain food

We were absolutely loving Liv’s look this week. Her attitude was even better. We’re so used to a laid back Liv, even when she’s on all different kinds of brains. It was great to see her really go rich snob. The older woman persona is just the hot sauce on top. But the personality definitely helped us understand why someone would want us dead, and increased our suspect pool to include just about everyone. But we are a little stumped on what it is about this brain that has such a strong hold on Liv. This makes us even happier than usual when our Liv makes a return appearance. Especially since Liv usually has such a good handle on this after four years.

iZombie recap 4x02

Major pains

Major has his hands full as usual. If he isn’t dealing with troubled human teens, he’s dealing with zombie teens that have poor attitudes. But we couldn’t ask for anyone better to lead a group of peace keepers. Major is one of the most tolerant characters on this show and has a compassionate streak in him that runs a mile wide. Though that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to throw down when the situation calls for it. But things escalate out of control anyway when one of his new recruits scratches a punk and a bystander gets it on film. We’re pretty sure that’s a video that’s going to go viral pretty quickly. Who knows what repercussions are going to come of this stunt.

iZombie recap 4x02

Relationship status unknown

While we’ve been a bit unsure about Liv and Major’s relationship status so far, we aren’t very happy about where they were left at the end of this episode. Plus we’re still a bit confused. Seeing them together had us grinning as we jumped up and down for joy. It was pretty great to see Major’s protective instincts come out when Liv was about to go into a dangerous section of the city. But it was even better to see Major trust in Liv enough to hold off on his questions and let Liv and Ravi through. Then came the fighting and the end of the friends with benefits relationship they’ve apparently been having. Why can’t we have nice things? We just want a healthy zombie relationship.

iZombie recap 4x02

Falling on rough times

While we really loved this episode, we’re pretty bummed about Liv and Major. We’ve been waiting four years for these two to get things straight, and we thought we were finally headed in the right direction. But once again, Liv and Major are no longer in a good place. We aren’t even sure if they’re friends at this point. It took long enough just to have the two of them be zombies. Will Liv and Major figure their shit out? What’s going to happen when Blaine finds out about Angus’ new career prospect? How is Major going to handle his clearly out of control young zombie charges? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

iZombie recap 4x02

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